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Welcome back to another blogmas post! Now that December is officially here the holidays are in full swing! Today I'm sharing some fun ways to help get you into the holiday spirit. I actually did a similar post last year, but I wanted to share 12 more ways you can get into the holiday spirit this year! 

It can be tricky to get into the jolly mood for the holidays sometimes, especially when you're in school and finals are just around the corner (*cries*). Hopefully, these ideas will help those of you who just aren't feeling the Christmas spirit this year feel a little more jolly. I mean, it is the most wonderful time of the year, am I right?

Go Christmas tree shopping / visit a Christmas tree farm!
If you haven't yet, be sure to hit up your local Christmas tree farm to pick out your Christmas tree ASAP! I mean, can you really have Christmas if you don't have a Christmas tree? (OK, maybe you still can, but it does help with getting in the holiday spirit!) Even if you're not into real Christmas trees for your home, it's still fun to visit your local Christmas tree farm to walk around (and take some Instagram photos!).

DIY some festive decorations 
Okay, now that you have your lovely Christmas tree (real or fake), now it's time to craft up some fun decorations! I love a good DIY and surly making some fun ornaments or garland will get you into the holiday spirit. There are SO many cute and easy DIY Christmas decorations on Pinterest so I'm sure you can find one on there that you'll like. I've linked a few of my favorites for you all here:

Shop for holiday presents
Time to get some presents under that tree! What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to present shop for your loved ones? Is it weird that my favorite part about holiday shopping is getting to wrap up the presents?? I always felt like I belonged in Santa's workshop because I love wrapping up presents and making them look "department store styled." Shopping for your loved ones is always so fun (in my opinion) and it's always exciting knowing you found the perfect gift for them!

Go ice skating!
There's something about ice skating and Christmas time that seems to go hand in hand. I've actually never been ice skating, but I found out that there's the one actually open in Uptown Charlotte for the holidays so I may go try it out! Even if you're not into ice skating, try going out and do some fun holiday events in your city. There are so many events going on Charlotte this season that it's so hard for me to find time to attend them all! 

Send out Christmas cards
You know that feeling of getting a handwritten letter or card in the mail? Why not give someone else that same feeling and send them a nice Christmas card! I feel like this has become less and less popular which makes me so sad! I love a good handwritten letter and Christmas time is the perfect time to do so. 

Try a new festive drink
What better way to get into the holiday spirit than trying a new festive drink? Also, bonus points if you hit up your local coffee shop that offers fun festive cups (hello Starbucks red cups). I'm all about my caramel lattes, but it's always fun to switch it up during the holidays for a peppermint mocha or a snickerdoodle hot chocolate!

Side note: I went to Starbucks for my casual Caramel Latte and they gave me a green cup. I think my Starbucks didn't get the whole red cup memo... haha!

Have a holiday-themed photoshoot
Grab your besties, a camera (or phone!) and some holiday props and spend an afternoon taking some fun holiday-themed photos. This will make cute Instagram photos or if you want some really cute holiday cards! 

Visit your local mall
Christmas tunes, decorated stores, and SANTA. Visiting your local mall will surly get you into the holiday spirit. Even if you're not visiting the mall to shop for some goodies, just walking around and looking at all the store decor will be just as fun! 

Random Acts of Kindness
Maybe pay it forward while you're in the Starbucks drive-through and get the tab on the person's order behind you. Or volunteer to help someone carry their groceries out to their car at the store. The holidays are about spreading love and not only will that help get you into the spirit, but it may also help them get in the spirit as well!

Make holiday treats
Throw on your favorite holiday sweater, turn on some Christmas music and possibly grab some friends and spend the day baking your favorite holiday treats! I mean, is there anything better than some warm gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa?? Surely you'll be in the holiday spirit after indulging in one (or three) holiday treats!

And that's it! I hope you all got some inspiration on how to get into the holiday spirit. The holidays are such a fun and happy time to spend with the ones you love. I want to know how you get into the holiday spirit in the comments down below! 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and as always, thank you for reading!

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