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Happy Wednesday Friends! Welcome back to Blogmas day 7!

We've all heard it before, guys are the hardest to shop for. I mean, how do we know if they're really going to like/wear that cable knit sweater you picked out for them? If you're like me and have multiple types of guys to shop for this holiday season, it can be a little tricky to find out exactly what to get them. 

Thankfully after having most of my friends be guys, growing up with my brother and dad, and after many years of finding the perfect gift for my boyfriend for multiple holidays, I like to think I have a pretty good handle of what kinds of gifts guys like. With the help of some of my guy friends, I have put together a round-up of the best guy approved gifts to give this season. Now, without further ado, let's get started!

General Gifts

If you're in a pickle of what to gift your brother, boyfriend, guy friend, dad, whoever this season, then you can never go wrong with a cozy pair of pajamas or some new headphones. Phone cases, wallets, and FOOD are always great gift options as well.

I actually gifted a group of my guy friends (somewhat) matching pajamas that each fit their personality with some homemade cookies last year and they loved it! Speaking of pajamas, if you know the guy you're shopping for doesn't like to sleep in pants, try gifting them a pair of pajamas shorts. I gifted a pair one year to my boyfriend and he LOVES them. 

The Jokester 

Have a guy who's always cracking jokes or loves to get a laugh out of people? Or maybe you're just looking for a gift that'll make someone smile! These would be fun gifts to any guy who has a fun sense of humor. I actually got my boyfriend a similar burger towel as a gift one year and he loves it! It's such a fun novelty gift and they have multiple ones to choose from.

The Skater Boy

If you're looking to splurge a little, then what better gift to give a guy who loves to skate than a new skateboard? If they're super picky (like my boyfriend) or you just have zero knowledge on skateboards (like me) then I suggest picking up a gift card to one of their favorite skate shops that will cover the cost of a new board. I did this for one of my boyfriend's birthdays and it worked out great! If you want to gift the card in a fun and creative way, I crafted up a mini skateboard and attached the gift card on it! 

The Beer Lover

Have a friend who loves beer or just loves a good drink every now and then? From drinking games to personalized beer mugs, surely you'll find the perfect gift! This mini bar kit is such a fun idea to make sure your guy is ready for a happy hour where ever he goes.

The Gym Goer 

Have a friend who's always killing it at the gym? Then you can never go wrong with some new workout clothes. A friend of mine also suggests protein powered (just make sure to check which kinds they like!) or any gym accessories such as a foam roller. 

The Sports Fanatic

Shopping for a Carolina fan? How about pick them up a sports jersey? If that's a little out of your budget, then a poster or a hat would be just as great!

The Techie

If you're looking for a cool present, I recommend picking up a waterproof blue tooth speaker! I actually have one in my shower and LOVE IT. It's perfect for waking you up in the morning or putting on music while you get ready to head out for the night.

And that's about it! That's my full round up of my suggested gifts (with some help) on what to give the men in your life. Hopefully this will give you all some ideas on what to look for! Also, when in doubt food is always a great option too. Bake some cookies or some fun holiday treats (or gift them their favorite beer) and I'm sure any guy would be happy to receive it! 

What are some holiday gifts you've gifted in the past that were a big hit? Let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!

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