I'm sure you've seen the ads. 2 for $24 leggings. The VIP program. They're marketed as squat proof, don't ride down, and even have a convenient pocket for your keys. The ads about Fabletics have popped up all over my social media feed for years and I've heard countless Influencers talk about it and last year I finally caved and decided to try the athletic brand out for myself. Here are my honest thoughts.

Honest Review of Fabletics

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*This set was gifted to me from Fabletics for an Instagram post, but this blog post is in NO way sponsored by Fabletics. All opinions are my own.*

I've been wanting to write this blog post since last year and here I am finally putting it together for you all. I wanted to make sure I had a chance to use my VIP membership and test out the athletic wear for a while before sitting down and giving you a full review of Fabletics. It's been one year since I signed up for the VIP program and purchased my first two pairs of leggings and I'm happy to report that I completely get the hype over Fabletics now. Here's the full breakdown on Fabletics:


Fabletics is a subscription-based activewear company co-owned by Kate Hudson that aims to provide stylish workout attire for a more affordable price. On the site, you can find a variety of workout and athleisure clothing and accessories. The company was started as an online-only retailer in October 2013 and now has a few brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. Although you are free to shop the site and in-store like any normal retailer, the main selling point of Fabletics is their VIP program.

My honest fabletics review
My honest fabletics review


Fabletics VIP Program allows members to receive personalized outfit picks through their style quiz. The main perk of the VIP Program is you can shop pieces from their site for up to 50% off, get early access to new launches, and can rack up points to redeem for free items. Like many subscription-based sites, you are also able to refer friends to Fabletics in exchange for credits. Every time you refer a friend to Fabletics and they sign up you receive $20.

Here's how it works:

1. You go to Fabletic's website and take a short style quiz stating what kind of lifestyle you live, what colors you prefer, workout activity, etc. to help Fabletics determine what styles would fit you best. After the quiz, it will prompt you to create an account with Fabletics.

2. Once you're signed up, each month Fabletics will send you a personalized showroom of outfits from their new arrivals based on your style preferences from the quiz. Note you are not limited to purchase items just from the personalized recommendations. 

3. You can either purchase something from the site that month or skip that month at no charge. It is important to note you have from the 1st and 5th of each month to decide if you want to skip that month or you will be charged $49.95 for that month. If you forget to skip or choose to pay the $49.95, you can apply that credit to a future purchase.


Personally, yes. Honestly, the main pain is remembering every month to log onto the website to "skip this month" so I'm not charged $49.95 every month but at this point, it's become more of a routine at the start of every month. Other than the pain of remembering to skip each month, the membership for their clothing pieces makes it more budget-friendly than if you were to purchase them if you weren't part of the VIP Program. Plus, it's fun to see the picks they pick out for you every month.

My honest fabletics review


I am a huge fan of their leggings and have quite a few in my collection. I've had my first pair of Fabletics leggings for a little over a year now and I wear them pretty much once a week every week since purchasing them. I haven't noticed any signs of wear in them and they're still as soft as they were when I first purchased them. Their leggings pass the squat test and my favorite part about their leggings the fact there's not seem at the top of the band which makes them super flattering. All of their leggings also have a small pocket on the inside which is great for putting your key in during runs. I also haven't had any issue with the leggings riding down during runs either which is a plus. 


I would say pretty much everything fits true to size! I'm usually medium in both tops and bottoms at most retailers and that's what I have my size set as on my Fabletics profile. I've only had one top come in that was a size too big and ended up donating it, but other than that everything has fit me perfectly and I haven't had any issues.

My honest fabletics review


Overall thoughts, I really like Fabletics! I'm pretty picky about my workout attire and everything I've received from them has met my standards. As stated previously, the main pain is remembering to log in every month to skip and having that $49.95 charge if you forget to. Fabletics is a great service to try out for some cute and reasonably priced workout attire. 


  • Great quality clothes at a pretty affordable price
  • Personalized outfit picks every month
  • Ability to skip every month and not be charged
  • Able to refer friends for credit
  • Has a wide range of sizes


  • Having to remember to log in and skip every month
  • Sizes sell out pretty fast

Have you tried Fabletics? If so, what are your thoughts? I'd love to know! I hope you all found this helpful and as always, thank you for reading!





  1. It's a pretty crappy way to do business -- charging people monthly and hoping they forget to cancel.

    1. Unfortunately that's how most subscription based businesses are. Think about gym memeberships, they profit off of those who loose motivation and forget to cancel their memberships.