Fall wedding season is here! Looking for a show-stopping dress that won't break the bank? I gotcha covered.
Dress (under $30!) | Heels | Clutch c/o (similar linked) | Bracelets: Unicorn, Up, Pineapple, Initial | Earrings | Ring

I love weddings. The day is filled with so much love, you get to hang out with people you probably haven't seen in a while, there are food and booze AND it gives you a chance to get dressed up. What's not to love? 

Since graduating high school I have always complained that there aren't a whole lot of opportunities to get dressed up when you're an adult (unless you're in a sorority, s/o to you gals who get to dress up for formals!). Weddings are pretty much the only few occasions you have as an adult to get a little more dressed up and I love it!

I'm pretty fortunate to be going to quite a few weddings within the next year. My first one is going to my uncle's wedding at the end of this month. I have only been to two fall weddings and both of them being last year. One of them I was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid in one of my college friend's wedding and another I was catering the event. This will be my first time shopping for a fall wedding guest dress and it was surprisingly harder than you'd think. 

Hear me out.

Typically when I hear fall weddings I automatically think burgundy, maroon, deeps reds, etc. This being a family wedding that I'm going to, red is typically reserved for the bride (like how white is in western culture), so you can see my dilemma. Another issue I ran into was my price range. I have started to get back on track with my budgeting since I have quite a few expenses coming up (holiday season, travel plans, etc) and knew I wanted to keep the price of what I wanted to wear pretty reasonable. Also, going back to not having a whole lot of occasions to get dressed up for, I didn't want to invest too much money into a dress that I wouldn't get a whole lot of wear out of.

I had seen this dress float around Instagram and the "blogger world" for some time now and loved it on other girls, but knew the midi length wasn't going to look the best on my body frame. Plus, a lot of the colors I've seen for the dress were mainly pastels and weren't too fitting for a fall wedding. So with that, I kind of gave up on ever trying the dress out.

One night during one of my late-night Amazon scrolling seshes (which happen a lot more frequent than I'd like to admit) I came across the pleated tiered dress in a mini version and in a new colorway that I haven't seen before... this beautiful green floral print. A few clicks and two days later I am now in possession of the prettiest and twirliest dress I've ever tried on.

Here's a quick break down for the dress:

Sizing: Runs pretty small IMO. I am typically a medium in Amazon pieces and this is pretty tight on my arms like I can barely move them tight. Sizing up to a large!

Colors: Comes in a variety of colors (at least 6, but they constantly go in and out of stock!)

Quality: For the price, it's ok. Think, Forever 21 quality. Ok for a few wears, but definitely won't hold up for long. There is a lining in the dress which is nice and it's not see-through at all.

Price: This baby is less than $30! My budget was less than $50 so pretty solid price in my opinion. I've seen this dress for more than twice as much (probably a little better quality tbh) so I'm glad I'm able to pick this dress up for a great price.

I think one of my favorite parts about this dress is the way it moves. This dress is definitely twirl-worthy and will be perfect for the dance floor! Want to switch up the look? I think this would also be cute with an updo and some fun gold hoops! How would you style this dress? I'd love the know in the comments down below! Also, let me know if you're going to any upcoming weddings!

I hope you all enjoyed the post and as always, thank you for reading!


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