Raise your hands if you're a planner addict *insert 5 hand raising emojis*. There's something about having everything planned out in a pretty color coded, sticky note filled planner that makes me feel like I have my life some what together. Today I'm dishing out all of my planning secrets and sharing how I keep my planner organized!

Okay, to start off let's talk about the actual planner. For the last three years I have used the Lilly Pulitzer agenda and have loved it! There's something about planning in a brightly colored planner just makes school work seem a little bit better, am I right? The Lilly Pulitzer large agenda is the perfect size for me to carry around everyday and it has enough space for me to write down everything I need.

Color Coding

Like most people I like to color code my planner to make things a. look pretty and b. more organized. It's a great way for me to easily see what I need to get done and what for just by looking at what color. For me my color coding goes by..

Black - School work
Pink - Personal 
Purple - Blogging
Blue - Bills / Rent / Dues / anything"money related"
Green - School events
Red - "Adulting" (Interviews, meetings, appointments, etc.)
Orange - Work

Also, I always have to carry white out with me because plans always change and I always make some mistake when plan things out... I guess that's the one down side with writing in pen though.

Side note: my favorite black pens EVER are the pens you get from the Target dollar spot. I swear they make my handwriting look 10xs better!

Month at a glance

The month at a glance is a great place to put all of your major assignments, exams, work dates, etc. This is where I typically write all of my main exams, projects, assignments, meetings, etc. so I can quickly see them in advance. Since the boxes are fairly small I tend to write only the important things that are due in the boxes. Also, for important / major things to remember such as exams or sponsored blog posts I tend to highlight them to make sure I don't forget about them.

I also like to keep track of the days I go to the gym here. The days I go to the gym are crossed out in pink and the days I don't make it to the gym are crossed out in black. This way I can keep myself accountable of when I need to hit the gym and also in a way it helps me keep track of how often I go to see if my membership is worth the money.

On the right side of the planner there's space for you to write your "to do's." Here I like to keep track of posts I have to do during the month as well as my packages.

Weekly Spread
For the weekly spread it's pretty self explanatory, I write down assignments that are due, exams, meetings, etc. I do see my planner as sort of a journal and tend to go back and write down things that happened during that day even though it was spontaneous. For example, if a friend and I randomly decided to go out to eat last minute I'll go back and write it in my planner. Does that make sense? haha. 

I like to use paper clips to mark what week I'm on and to easily flip to the correct monthly layout. I picked up these gold bow paper clips from Marshalls a little bit ago and they look exactly like the Kate Spade ones but they were only $5!! 

The weekly spread shown above was taken at the very beginning of the week so my planner looks fairly empty. After each task is done I usually cross them out and by the end of the week my planner is all crossed out and filled with sticky notes like the spread shown below from a previous week!

Sticky notes

I. Love. Sticky. Notes. They are the best! I typically start each day off with writing a daily to-do list and putting it in my planner (in coordinating color of course..). I seriously feel more productive having a list of everything I need done written out for me and crossing each item off as I get done with it. 

My favorite place to get sticky notes is the Target dollar spot. So cheap and they have the CUTEST variety! I pretty much write everything down on my to-do list, what assignment I have to do, when to workout, blogging things I need to get done, etc. For days that I have a lot to get done I write them down on a longer to-do list and washi tape the list into my planner.


I also love to decorate with stickers! I mean, why not make exam days a little better with a cute exam sticker? Am I right? The Lilly planner comes with some super cute stickers and I also like ordering some from Etsy! These stickers shown above are all from Sweet Kawaii Design.

Annnnd that's it! That's how I like to keep things organized in my planner to keep me on track for school. I have linked my planner along with some other cute options down below for you all to check out! 

How do you organize your agenda? Let me know in the comments down below! Also let me know what planner you use! I'm always on the look out for trying new planners!

Hope you all have a great day!!

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