Another month, another wrap-up post. Is it me or did the month fly by? I know, I know everyone says that, but I swear I blinked and September was over.

Hi friends!

Happy spooky season!! October is such a fun month mainly because it means getting creative with Halloween costumes. But, before we jump into this month, let's take a second and reflect on September.

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Morning Workouts - This past month I started going to the gym with my boyfriend before work as a way to help keep each other accountable and to make an effort to knock out the workout first thing in the morning. Not gonna lie, some days it is a STRUGGLE to get myself out of bed, but I've gotten used to working out in the mornings and look forward to them now.

Llama Winery - This past month I also visited a winery for the first time, but not just any winery... a LLAMA WINERY. My boyfriend and I ventured out to Divine Llama vineyards near Wake Forrest for the day and it was so fun getting to sip some wine and pet some adorable llamas. If you're looking for a day trip outside of Charlotte, I definitely recommend it.

Uncle's Wedding - If you've read my wedding guest dress post, then you may know that I have several weddings coming up in the next year. This past weekend kicked off the chain of weddings with me flying up to Philly to attend my Uncle's wedding. It was so fun seeing family again and catching up with everyone!


All things fall - I'm not exactly what's gotten into me lately, but the fall wave hit me and it hit me HARD. I've expressed it multiple times that I was never a huge fall gal, but something about this year has gotten me SO pumped for fall. I even decorated my apartment with some cute pumpkins from Target, bought all the pumpkin-scented candles and indulging in anything pumpkin flavored. Who is she??

On the Grow Podcast - We all know I love a good podcast. Grace Lee of GraceFulLee Made recently launched a podcast sharing binged worthy series on a variety of topics. Her first set of podcasts goes into what life is like in New York City and she just recently launched a second series all about Social Media Marketing. Grace has such a calming voice and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Fitness Classes - Pigging back off the early morning workouts point, I've also been really into trying out group fitness classes lately. Inspired by my girl and the group fitness queen, Cara of Caralina Style I decided to test out the Charlotte group fitness scene for myself. I always like to switch up my workouts and lately I've been loving SweatMethod, especially their fusion class. Their Fusion class is a combination of hot yoga and HIIT which I love.

Trader Joe's - This isn't so much of a recent favorite because I've been a Trader Joe's stan for  YEARS (ya girl even listens to their podcasts, we love Trader Joes ok.), but I swear Trader Joe's has been killing it lately. Every time I make a trip to Trader Joe's I'm always on the hunt to try something new and I've been obsessed with learning what others like. Lately, I've been loving their Japanese Fried Rice, Cauliflower Gnocchi,  and Mediterranean Hummus. Pretty much a staple for me to pick up on every trip.


I mentioned last month how I've been trying to make an effort to try and save some money since I have a few trips coming up... unfortunately sales got the best of me this month.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - One of my favorite sales of the year kicked off the month of September and I may or may not have purchased more than I had planned to. The After Party Sale is a sale I look forward to every year and am excited about everything I managed to score this year. What I managed to pick up this was the Donna Romper, Jesse Romer, Izzy Skirt and Preston Dress. So excited to share them all with you!

Green Midi Dress - I had purchased this dress for another wedding I'm going to later this month and am so excited to wear it! I do have to get a few inches hemmed on it since it's more of an awkward maxi dress on me rather than a midi dress.

Hunter Backpack - After the After Party Sale came the 20 years of Target sale... I told myself I would only look and looking turned into me purchasing one too many things. I managed to pick up a couple shifts from the Lilly line, but unfortunately, the dresses ran extremely small and had to return them. I did however managed to score a Hunter Backpack in this pretty royal blue color! I used it on my recent trip for Philly and can already tell it's going to be my go-to bag for traveling.

Black Floral Dress - So, funny story about the wedding I attended. I, like many of my cousins attended, only packed one dress for the wedding. I knew the event would take all day but didn't think to bring a second dress option. It wasn't until we arrived in Philly till we found out we needed two outfits, a lighter option during the day and darker for the evening. So the night before the wedding we made a quick Target trip to try and find a second outfit option. I landed on this dark floral dress and think it would be perfect for work as well!

Whew. What a month, huh? What were you up to? Let me know down below! I hope you all had a great September and I'm excited about what October holds!


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