Let's face it, a morning workout isn't everyone's cup of tea. I get it. I mean, what sane person willing pulls themself out of their warm cozy bed to go push themselves to run and sweat for an hour before a long day at work? Well, I'm here to tell ya that I've now become one of those insane people who work out in the morning and I'm here to tell you how you can too.Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

Hi friends!

If you've read my September recap post then you know that I've started to get into working out in the mornings. After I graduated college I did go through a phase of waking up at 6:30am to go workout before heading out to my retail job, but since going through the Disney college program, moving back home, etc. etc. etc. I fell out of that phase. Now I'm happy to report that ya girl is back in the morning workout grind and I love it! Today I'm sharing some of my tips that helped me get up and moving in the mornings for my workouts.

1. Schedule it
If you're anything like me then you probably live by your planner. I'm a big planner gal and anything and everything that needs to get done has to be written down. With that being said, if I schedule a workout like I schedule a friend date or hair appointment I'm more likely to make it. I typically like to schedule my workouts on Sunday evenings and roughly plan out what I'm doing that week. 

2. Find an accountability partner
If you're waking up early to go to the gym mine as well drag a friend to suffer with you too, right? Having someone to keep you accountable makes it a little easier to get yourself out of bed. You're less likely to cancel when you have plans with someone, right? 

Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

3. Set yourself up for success
You know that saying "fail to plan, plan to fail?" The days I don't prep the night before are the days I'm less likely to go to the gym in the morning. The night before I like to set out my workout clothes, fill up my water bottle, pack my lunch for work, schedule my classes /to know what my workouts are, charge my earbuds, and layout my breakfast. Basically, anything to eliminate any excuse of not being ready to go to the gym.

4. Find a workout you enjoy
If you're waking up at the crack of dawn, the least you can do is find a workout you enjoy doing. There's so many different workouts out there, cycling, yoga, circuit training, kicking boxing, running, etc. Try out a few and stick to the ones you like. Having a workout you look forward to makes it a little easier to leave your bed in the morning.

Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

5. #Treatyoself
Who doesn't love a good reward? When I first started going to the gym again I would reward myself with a new workout outfit if I went to the gym five days that week. Especially starting off, this is a great way to motivate you to stick to it until it becomes second nature. 

6. Chug water right when you wake up
We've heard it a thousand times, but here I am saying to you all again, DRINK. MORE. WATER. Right, when I wake up I always make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only will this help hydrate me after a long night's sleep, but it also helps me wake up. 

Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

7. Set multiple alarms
Kind of obvious, but sometimes overlooked. I'm the type of person that has to have 50 alarms to wake up. I've gotten a little better and manage to get up by the third one, progress, right? My alarm is set to a loud obnoxious tone that I can't help but wake up when I hear it. Also, I've tried using my echo as an alarm which has helped since it doesn't shut off until you tell it to. 

8. Change your mindset
Perspective is everything. For me, I might not like getting up early to go to the gym in the morning, but I don't like being in a crowded gym late at night even more. Also, the great thing about working out in the morning is the fact that you more time for yourself in the afternoon. For someone who works a traditional 9 - 5, the time after work and before bed is precious to me. Before I used to go to the gym after work and wouldn't get home till around 7pm, which isn't really too late but having those two extra hours after work has made a difference in me being productive on the blog, hanging out with friends, being able to relax a little, etc.

Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

9. Make a bomb playlist
Music is a game-changer when working out. I'll never understand how there are people who can workout without listening to any music. I have a specific playlist with all of my favorite pump-up songs and only listen to it when I go to the gym. This way I have something to look forward to when I go to the gym!

10. Stick with it
Consistency is key. To be honest, the first week may suck. You're not used to waking up that early, your body isn't used to be moving that much first thing, but eventually, you'll get used to it. It's so cool when you get to the point where the workouts get a little easier and you start waking up before your alarm.
Black and white workout set - morning workout tips - fitness tips

And there we have it! Now you're all set to start your morning off with a good sweat sesh! Are you more of a morning workout or an evening workout type of person? I'd love to know! I'm excited to get back into sharing more fitness content with you all and as always if you have any requests let me know. I hope you all found this helpful and as always, thank you for reading!


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