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Ever want to know what goes into a blog shoot? Today I'm taking you behind the scenes of all the prep work that goes into a shoot up to the final product! 

It's crazy to think I've been in the "blogging game" for 5 1/2 years now. Over the years this little space has evolved a lot from the mirror selfies that I used to post for blog photos. I've gone from posing in my college apartment because I was too scared to go in public to shoot photos (blogging was still so new in 2014!), to shooting at a field five minutes from campus to finally getting a camera and venturing out in Charlotte, and now with a professional photographer.

Over the years I've managed to get over my fear of shooting photos in public and perfect the art of changing in the backseat of the car without flashing the whole city. Today I wanted to give you all a little behind the scenes look to how I get ready for blog shoots and hopefully allow my fellow creatives to pick up some tips along the way.

*Before the Shoot*

1. Plan Content
First things first, the content. I usually like to brainstorm my blog posts about a month in advance so I have a rough idea of what I want to post. When it comes to content I usually start off with any blog series I'm currently doing at the moment, then check up on any holidays associated with that month, seasonal content and any requests I have. I also add in any post deadlines I have if I have any sponsored posts that month.

2. Plan outfits
Once I have an idea of what posts I want to do, I then start planning out the outfits that are going to be associated with each post. This is typically when my room/closet becomes one big hot mess with having to try everything on. This is when I usually try and steam all of my clothing pieces too.

3. Contact Photographer and Set a Date
Once I have the month and outfits planned out I'm ready to set a date for photos! For the longest time, I had friends take photos for me, but now that I work full time and want to up the quality of my photos I figured it's time to hire a photographer for my shoots. I've worked with Deeana of Deeana Kourtney Photography for my college grad photos and previous blog shoots before and she's the sweetest person ever! We typically knock out 5 outfits in our one-hour time frame.

4. Pick a location
Picking a location to shoot in Charlotte has always been a challenge for me and I typically won't figure it out until the day before I meet up with Deeana (!!). When picking out a location I like to keep in mind a location that first off, matches the outfits I'm planning to shoot, has a variety of backgrounds (since we batch the photos), has accessible parking, has somewhere I can either easily park and change in my car or a public bathroom, and of course, somewhere that won't kick us out. See? A challenge.

Typically when I can't think of anywhere to go my usual spots are Midtown Charlotte or Freedom Park. Both locations have a nice variety of backgrounds and Freedom Park is great because there's a public bathroom. Right after I graduated college I used to shoot on UNC Charlotte's campus a lot too since there's a nice variety of places and I knew where all the bathrooms are to pop in and change.

*Day of Shoot*

5. Hair and Makeup
To be completely transparent, the only times I really put on make-up or do my hair nowadays is for photoshoot days or the occasional date night #doitforthegram. With that being said, shoot days are fun because it's usually an excuse for me to get all dolled up.

Lately, for my hair, I've been using the Nume Classic Curling wand to curl my hair for shoots. I first heard of NuMe back in high school after watching many of my favorite beauty guru's YouTube videos and am so excited to have the chance to test it out myself.

I've been a fan of curling wands for years and find that they work best when I have long hair. My favorite part about this wand is that my hair stays curly all day after using it. Typically when I use a traditional curling iron my hair falls within a few hours, but I've found with this wand my hair still stays curly up until the second day. This has been great for me since I typically have my photoshoots after work and don't have time to run home to touch up my hair.

The NuMu Classic curling wand comes in three different sizes, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm. I have the 25mm and it gives me the bouncy tight curls that I love. I have my eye on snagging the 32mm next for bigger, wavier curls!

Want your own NuMe wand? You can snag yours for 25% off with code: THEDAILYAMY25

6. First outfit
After hair and makeup I then get dressed into the first outfit I plan on shooting that day. Most of the time it ends up being an outfit I can wear to work, but if I do have time to change after work, I typically try to shoot an outfit that's the most difficult to put on the knock it out of the way (ie skinny jeans because nothing is worse than trying to put those babies on in 90+ degree heat all sweaty in your car).

7. Pack everything up
And finally, before I head out the door I pack everything up that I need to take with me. I typically have a list of what outfits I need to bring and accessories that go with it to make sure I don't forget anything. I typically keep my clothes hung up on the hangers to avoid them getting wrinkled and shove everything else into a big tote. Also, I like to group my outfits together to try to be as efficient as possible.

Whew, and after all that, I go smile and twirl in front of a camera for an hour! On the real though, leading up to the shoot low key always stresses me out because I always have this fear of forgetting something, but at the same time shoot days are my favorite because I love getting content up for you all!

Are you a fellow blogger? Let me know your photoshoot routine down below! Not a blogger? Did anything surprise you? Let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all like this behind the scenes look into what goes into a blog post! As always, thank you for reading and have a great Monday!


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