The countdown to our move is ON! We are about a month away from moving out of Charlotte and our current place is looking more like a warehouse as the days go on. In the midst of packing up our life up in boxes, we've also been trying to scope out some new furniture pieces for our new place. As exciting as decorating a new space is, the price of buying everything can add up pretty quick. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite home decor finds that I've come across through our furniture hunt. Most of these items will be less than $100 and on my wishlist for our new place!

Affordable home decor finds - neutral home decor finds

I'd say the biggest challenge with finding pieces for our new place is that Christian and I have drastically different decor styles. I love bold statement pieces with a lot of personality and Christian is more of a minimalist and into darker more industrial pieces. Although Christian and I live together now, we haven't really gotten a chance to experience decorating and furnishing a place together since most of the items in our current space are his brother's. (read more on our current living situation here!). Despite all the head butts with trying to decide on a color pallet, coffee table (IYKYK), and how much art we're going to hang on the wall, we're both super excited to start this next chapter of living together on our own. 

Now, the color pallet. If I had it my way, the apartment would be bright whites, lighter woods, gold, and touches of blush pink. We managed to compromise with a more neutral pallet of black, brown, and a bit of gold. I have been really into the strong contrast look of matte black pieces lately so it worked out well.


Affordable neutral home decor finds - tj Maxx

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods have always been my favorites for shopping for affordable home decor. In the past, I have mainly gone for small decorative pieces and throw pillows for the home, but have been coming across some great furniture pieces lately! We've been going back and forth on whether we want a bar cart or bar cabinet for our space and it's looking more like a bar cart may be the better choice due to space. I came across this bar cart online and love how simple it is and it goes well with our brown wood/black /neutral color pallet.


Affordable home decor finds - neutrals Amazon

Really, what doesn't Amazon have? Similar to TJ Maxx, I haven't really shopped much furniture-wise on Amazon but have been hearing so much on YouTube and from fellow bloggers that there are some pretty solid finds on there if you spend some time looking. We don't have space for a dining area in our new space but if we did then I can totally see us picking up these beautiful wishbone chairs. These chairs are a dupe for a more higher-end designer and for $179 for 2 I think it's a great price. 

During work or pretty much any free time I have I have been watching a ton of apartment tour videos on YouTube to get some ideas for our space. I have been seeing the Umbra Sticks Multi-Hook Rack in several videos and knew I wanted something similar in our space. Essentially it's a normal hook rack where you can hang your umbrella, jacket, or keys at an entryway and you have the option to pull down the hooks to hang things or push them back when you're not using them. It looks a little more decorative than command hooks and something that would be perfect for us since we don't have space for an entryway table. I came across this wooden wall hook on Amazon with a similar concept and think it fits our space a lot better! 


Affordable Neutral Home Decor Finds - Target

To be completely honest, if I could pick one store to completely furnish our home it would have to be Target. The few pieces of furniture that we've picked up so far are from Target and I keep finding myself checking their website daily for new arrivals. All of the pieces I've come across on Target fit our aesthetic so well and at a great price too.  A few of my favorite lines at Target include Project 62, Opalhouse, and their Studio McGee collaboration. 

I have been really into more natural materials lately and recently picked up this adorable tulip basket for our bedroom. It is from their Pillowfort line which is marketed for children's bedroom, but I couldn't help but fall in love with it. I think this piece will be perfect for extra pillows or even my ever-growing plushie collection. 

Affordable Neutral Home Decor Finds - Target

If you've been following along on Instagram stories or on YouTube then you may know about the drama we've had with finding a coffee table. A quick recap, when we first started looking for living room furniture we decided we really want a lift-top coffee table. Since I work from home full time, Christian will be in school we figured we want to create a variety of different spaces we can work/study from. Also, like I had mentioned, we don't have space for a full dining table and the only eating area we have is at the bar in the kitchen. We figured with a lift-top coffee table we could have the option to eat in the living room in front of the tv if we wanted to.

After we've decided a lift-top coffee table was the move for us we quickly realized how expensive these tables are. The average price for a lift-top coffee table is around $250 - $500. Throw that on top trying to find one that will fit our color pallet, lifts up high enough to get over Christian's legs, fit the couch we had already purchased, AND in our budget... it was more stressful than trying to find a place to live. lol. 

I was scrolling through the Target website one day and came across a lift-top coffee table from their Project 62 line. It wasn't the exact color we wanted in our color pallet, but the price point was so good and the right size we decided to rework our color pallet just to accommodate it. Once we finally decided to purchase the table... it was sold out.

*cue internal screams*

At that point, we figured the arguments and stress of finding a very specific coffee table weren't worth it and decided to move on from our lift-top coffee table idea. Until I got a notification from Target two weeks later. The coffee table we wanted was in stock, in the color we wanted and you bet I snatched it up within seconds of receiving the email which looking back lucky I did because it was sold out a couple hours later.

I know it sounds so silly to be stressed over a piece of furniture, but y'all I have never been so happy to receive a coffee table in my entire life. She's beautiful and I can't wait to see her in our new home.


Didn't think I'd ever write a whole section in a blog post on coffee table drama, but first time for everything, right? Anywho. I hope you all enjoy this post and were able to find some home decor finds for your place! Let me know down below where you like to shop for home decor and if you enjoy more home content please let me know down below! I'm so excited to take you all along in our moving journey and as always, thank you for reading!



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