Hello Amess Etsy shop: handmade polymer clay earrings
Hi friends!

I've been hinting for a little bit that I have a project that I am working on launching and if you've been reading my last couple of blog posts I'm sure you have seen some hints... I launched my own handmade polymer clay earring line, Hello Amess, on Etsy!! My products will go live in my Etsy shop at 6:00pm EST!

Hello Amess - handcrafted polymer clay jewelry on etsy

Hello Amess came to be after wanting to take on another side project while being at home so much for quarantine. I have always been a "crafty kid," was the one who took every art class in school (even AP art!), and is constantly on Pinterest searching for my next DIY project. I have heard of clay earrings for a bit now and have been interested in them for a bit now. After a couple months and hours of research on Pinterest, YouTube, and even TikTok I've decided to launch my little shop.

We all know I love a good pair of statement earrings and think they always add such a fun touch to any outfit, but the biggest con with large statement earrings are the weight of them. Most earrings tend to be too heavy for me to wear for long periods of time and even though I tend to fight through the whole "beauty is pain" mindset when I do wear my heavier earrings out, I know my ears don't appreciate it. Here's why polymer clay earrings are so great. 

Polymer clay earrings are incredibly lightweight and for the most part, I don't even feel like I'm wearing any earrings because they are that lightweight. I also love how there's an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to polymer clay. I've been brainstorming nonstop on different designs, patterns, and techniques to try out. 

I wanted my earring line to be fun, colorful, and to spark joy. Here is a few sneak peeks of some styles that will be included in my first launch!

Olivia Drop Earrings

Hello Amess - Handmade polymer clay earrings

Luna Drop Earrings

Hello Amess - Luna Drop Polymer clay statement earrings

Amelia Drop Earrings

Hello Amess - Amelia drop polymer clay statement earrings

Talia Drop Earrings - White Ivy

Hello Amess | Talia polymer clay statement earrings

Stella Studs - White Ivy

Hello Amess - stella studs polymer clay statement earrings

Mila Drop Earrings - Bamboo

Hello Amess - Mila drop earrings - polymer clay statement earrings

Be sure to follow Hello Amess on Instagram for behind the scenes, announcements, and sneak peek for upcoming launches! THANK YOU all so much for the love and support of this new project and I cannot wait for you all to see everything Hello Amess has to offer! 


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