The bigger the sleeves, the better, am I right?

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Hi friends!

So I've been on kind of a shopping craze this past month and a half which seems silly considering the only thing I have to look forward to nowadays is running to the grocery store for snacks or getting dressed up to film TikTok videos... but nonetheless at least I'll have outfits prepared for post-COVID-19 quarantine. 

Puffed Sleeve daisy dress
puffed sleeve daisy dress

One common thing I've been finding my shopping cart as of late are puffed sleeved items. Not sure if this trend is due to me compensating the fact that all I've been wearing for the past four months are loungewear or the fact that dramatic puffed sleeves just make me feel like I can take on the world... or it could possibly be a combination of both. Nonetheless, I'm rolling with it. 

This dress is the latest in my puffed sleeved collection and can definitely see myself wearing this out for future brunch dates for when it's safe to do so again. I love the innocent daisy print all over the dress and the added ruffle at the bottom to balance out the puffed sleeves. 

Puffed sleeve daisy dress
puffed sleeve dress

Shop some of my favorite puffed sleeve items:

Puffed Sleeve dress | daisy dress
Daisy Puffed Sleeve Dress

What trend have you been loving as of late? Let me know! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always thank you for reading!

Also, this is my last blog post (at least for a while!) with my long hair! Stay tuned for upcoming posts featuring my shorter hair cut!


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