Living in the Charlotte area and looking for some new creatives to follow? From fashion bloggers to foodies to photographers, I'm sharing 24 fellow Charlotte creatives you should check out!

who to follow in Charlotte, nc

The blogging space has changed a lot over the years, especially in the Charlotte area. There are about twice (possibly three times) as many bloggers in the Charlotte area since I started back in 2014 and many of them have been able to make it their full-time hustle which is incredible. I've said it multiple times, but one of my FAVORITE things about blogging is getting to connect with fellow creatives.

I'm fortunate enough to live in a city where there's a large growing blogging scene. Many may see this as a negative because it "saturates the market," but I look at it more of a pro because it means more people to connect with (plus, it makes it a little less weird going out a shooting)!

Since I started blogging I've been lucky enough to meet up with quite a few bloggers in my area through brunch dates, influencer/media events, etc. This has also been a great way for me to continue to meet new people in Charlotte since I moved back into the city. Today I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of the bloggers/creatives in the Charlotte area that either I have been following and loving. I know I'm always on the hunt for new people to follow and many of these creatives I've met in person. Let me know down below who your favorite Charlotte creatives are so I can check them out as well!


In my senior year of high school, I was in the running for homecoming queen and when it came to casting my vote for the queen, I didn't vote for myself in fear of somehow I seemed selfish (???) Plot twist: I didn't win homecoming queen. Since then my dad taught me that if I wanted other people to cheer me on, I had to first be my own cheerleader. So, taking in my father's wise words, if you haven't yet, check out my fashion and style blog, The Daily Amy!

Follow me for girly outfit inspiration, Charlotte living, fitness content, and the occasional DIY content! If you really want a peek into my hot mess everyday life, be sure to follow along on Instagram where I share my day to day life on stories.

If you like my personal style, then you should take a peek at Caralina Style's blog! We joke a lot that we're style twins and when we used to work together at my old internship we would show up to work multiple times unintentionally twinning. Cara is known for her brightly printed outfits and she's the queen of fitness classes!

I had actually just recently started following Kacey about a year ago and had a chance to meet her in person back in October for a project at work. She is seriously the sweetest person ever! She just recently started blogging about a year ago and shares everything from fashion to makeup to lifestyle.

Tomi is a total girl boss. She just recently received her master's from Clemson, had the most GORGEOUS wedding, and thriving in the blogging world. I've been following Tomi for a few years now but recently had a chance to meet up with her in person a few months ago and she's just as bubbly and sweet in person as she is online! Tomi shares a little bit of everything from fashion, social media tips, diversity, and everything in between.

I had met Vidya back in November at a blogger event and from our short interaction together she seemed so sweet! Vidya shares a little bit of everything from fashion to food to motherhood. She's been recently sharing more of her recipes on Instagram and they always look delicious! 

Taylor is another gal I've been following for a while (possibly since I started blogging!) and had a chance to meet in person. She has the cutest little southern accent and shares mainly fashion content on her page. When she's not sharing her outfits online she's cleaning out and curating other people's closets through her own business called Tayloring Your Style and she's also a teacher!

I started following Cindy in the middle of last year and have been obsessed with her content. Cindy's page gives me Anthropologie / Urban Outfitters meets New York Streetwear vibes and I'm HERE FOR IT. Follow her for outfit inspiration and her adventures around the Queen City!

I had met Emily last summer after I moved back to Charlotte and she has such a bright personality and it definitely shows in her clothing. Emily definitely has a bold taste in fashion with being no stranger to thigh-high snakeskin boots, fur coats, and bold colors. Not only does she run her blog on the side, but she also owns her own boutique in Kings Mountain called Jack and Georgia which is stocked full of the cutest pieces! 

Lauren Schwaiger | IG: @lauren_schwaiger

Both realtor and blogger, Lauren is another girl boss that I look up to! I've run into Lauren at a couple blogger/influencer events here in Charlotte and she's just as sweet in person as she is online. I always love following bloggers who have full-time careers outside of blogging and love how she incorporates her real estate career into some of her posts!

I came across Sloane's blog a few months back and actually ran into her at a workout class here in Charlotte! Sloane shares a mix of fashion and fitness content on her page. Be sure to follow her and check out her Insta Stories for workwear inspiration!

I met Savanna a few years back at a Charlotte blogger meet up and she's one of the cutest and sweetest people ever (I know I've said that a lot about these gals, but everyone is seriously so nice!). Savanna shares a lot on budget-friendly looks under $50 and got married last year and has been sharing a lot on the wedding process. 

I've been following Allison for many years now and have met up with her a handful of times. She has such a sweet and friendly personality that makes you feel like you've been friends your whole life. Allison actually did the Disney College Program as well and definitely was one of the influences for me to do it myself.  Allison blogs a little bit of everything from fashion to lifestyle and currently sharing her wedding process! 

Morgan was one of the first Charlotte bloggers that I've ever started following as well as one of the first bloggers I've met back in 2016! Formerly known as How 2 Wear It, Morgan has recently rebranded to The Her Chronicles where she shares a mix of fashion, travel, lifestyle, and a little bit of everything in between. She's also a big neutrals gal so if that's up to your alley, she's your go-to gal for all of your outfit inspiration!


A PA, expecting to be and fashion and lifestyle blogger, Kristina does it all. Kristina is grouped into the batch of Charlotte bloggers I've been following since I started and it's been so fun following her along as she builds her new home and expecting her first child. She is the cutest and not to mention her travel drone photos are insane. Be sure to check her out! 

I've met Alea at a blogger event back in 2017 and have bumped into her a few times at a few blogger events over the years. She's one of the sweetest and warmest people I've ever met! Alea shares a mix of fashion and beauty with a sprinkle of lifestyle content here and there. You all need to check her out!

Louella Reese | IG: @Louellareese

I have been following Laura Leigh for quite a while now and she's been one of the first bloggers I knew of who made the leap to do blogging full-time! Laura Leigh is one of the sweetest people. She shares a lot of boho feminine style as well as a mix of lifestyle posts such as recipes and married life. 


One thing you should know about me is that ya girl LOVES to eat. Charlotte has a growing food scene and I'm always on the hunt to try out new restaurants in the city. In the last year, I've started getting into following some local food bloggers, and here are some of my faves!

Kenty Chung | @kenty_eats

At first glance, you can immediately tell that Kenty is talented behind the camera. All of the photos on his page are gorgeous and can make anyone's mouth water while you scroll through them. Although Kenty is based in Charlotte and shares primarily Charlotte food's food scene, he frequently travels and incorporates foods from his travel to his page as well. 

Wynee's Wolrd@wyneesworld

A frequent traveler and foodies, Wynee of Wynee's World is your go-to gal for all of your travel and food content. She even has her own merch out which we're all here for. Be sure to follow her to find out the best eats in the Queen City and travel guides to plan your next upcoming trip!

From fashion to lifestyle to food to cinematography, Chris of Rodarte's Corner has a little bit of everything. Not only does Chris share great highlights of the best places to eat around the Queen City and men's fashion inspiration, but he also offers video and photography services as well. 

Lauren | @food_lauren

Lauren is still new to me blogger and I had come across her page a couple months back after realizing we were at the same media event! She's one the absolute cutest and every one of her posts is top quality. Be sure to follow her to stay up to date on the best spots in Charlotte! 

Miranda Mounts | @wheretoeatcharlotte

If you're looking for places to eat in Charlotte, Miranda of Where to Eat Charlotte is your go-to page. I can't tell you how many of her posts I have saved to refer back to. Miranda is super detailed in her captions sharing all about what she suggests eating, the chef, and the restaurant itself. What sets Miranda apart from many food bloggers is that she takes the time to share the stories of the chef who creates the food for us to enjoy. I definitely recommend checking her out! 


By now many of you are probably familiar with Deeana of Deeana Kourtney Photographer. Deeana takes the majority of my blog photos here on The Daily Amy and not only is she talented behind the camera, but she is also super sweet in person as well! Deeana specializes in natural light photography so if light and airy is your aesthetic then be sure to hit her up.

I met Jenny through a project at work and from the minute I met her I was blown away by her warm and welcoming personality! She is a total girl boss and her photography work is amazing. She has a more warm, modern/hip vibe to her photos which I love. From product shots for your business to styled photos to cute pics for the 'gram be sure to hit her up for your photography needs.


A post shared by Ally Yost (@ally_yost) on
Ally Yost | @ally_yost

Ally and I had met through a boutique we both formally worked at and she has such a bright and sunny personality. Ally is your go-to gal for all things make-up. From bridal make-up to reviews to just straight-up dramatic relatable content, she's your gal.

WHEW. And there we have it! I know there's a ton more that I didn't mention, but we would honestly be here for a hot minute if I could fit them all into one post (possibly a part two??) If I didn't mention your favorite Charlotte creative in this post be sure to list them down below so I / everyone else can check them out!

Do you live in the Charlotte area? If so, let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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