Many of you know that I love Lilly Pulitzer. The bright colors and prints always make me so happy when I wear them and I just love the overall brand itself. I purchase most of my Lilly pieces during the After Party Sale due to the fact that Lilly pieces aren't cheap and it's the only way I'm able to afford them. Since the pieces in the APS are nonrefundable and still more of a splurge purchase for me, I always have to make sure I'm purchasing the correct size.

I do the majority of my APS shopping online and can know it's pretty tricky on trying to figure out what size to order. I always rely on reviews on sizing and fit to help make my decision when online shopping. Today I'm sharing another Lilly Pulitzer sizing guide with some new pieces in preparation of the second After Party Sale for 2019!

Lilly Pulitzer Sizing Guide - Sizing Review

Hi friends!

A couple years back I wrote a Lilly Pulitzer sizing guide where I share my thoughts on each piece I've purchased/tried on from Lilly to help give you all a better idea on what size to purchase. Since then, that post is still one of my most viewed blog posts and I've had many of you all reached out saying you've found it helpful!

I figured that this will also hopefully get some of you fellow Lilly lovers excited for the upcoming After Party Sale later this month (I'm predicting!) as well as get an idea of what you want to be shopping for. before we begin, some stats about me:

Height: 5'4"

Top Size:
Lilly Pulitzer - small
J.Crew - Small
Forever 21 - Medium

Dress Size:
Lilly Pulitzer - 4
Forever 21 - Medium

Bottom Size:
Lilly Pulitzer - 2 / 4
Old Navy - Medium / 4
J.Crew - 2
American Eagle - 27


Lilly Pulitzer Bay Dress review

Bay Dress in Alpaca my bags
Size: Small
Fit: True to size

This is probably one of my most worn dresses for work! I love the fit of this dress and the length is perfect for work. This dress has a slight a-line fit and love the extra wiggle room in it. I'll definitely be adding this style in different prints in my collection!

Lilly Pulitzer Beacon Dress in Tiki Pink Royal Lime Engineered

Beacon Dress in Tiki Pink Royal Lime Engineered
Size: Small
Fit: True to size

Compared to the Bay Dress, the beacon dress hugs your body a little more and more of a straight fit vs an a-line. To be honest, I had loved the bright colors when I first purchased this dress, but since then, I haven't really gravitated towards it because of the colors.

Lilly Pulitzer Sizing Guide: Rylie Dress in Lilac Verbena Rock The Boat

Rylie Dress in Lilac Verbena Rock The Dock
Size: X-Small
Fit: TTS - they didn't have a small in my store and the x-small had fit, but no wiggle room. I'd probably be more comfortable if I had gone with my usual size, small

This is such an easy and comfy dress to throw on and run around. The material is soft cotton which makes it super comfy and I love that it has POCKETS! I had purchased this dress in-store during the APS in an xs, but wished I would have gotten my usual size small. I'd stick with your usual size!

Cori Dress in Resort Navy Beach Bathers
Size: Small
Fit: True to size

This dress fits a lot looser than the Bay or Beacon dress. The V-Neck is a little low on me (raised it up a little in this photo) for me personally if I were to wear it to work. It is also a little see-through if you wear colored underwear. Other than that, it's a comfy and easy to throw-on dress!


Lilly Pulitzer Daley Tee in Resort White

Daley Tee in Resort White
Size: Small
Fit: True to size

This is the first solid color / "basic" top I have ever purchased from Lilly. Typically when I shop Lilly pieces I go for more of their unique and printed pieces since I am spending the extra money. With this top, I believe it was around $24 during the APS last year and I justified purchasing it since it had a fun twist to your basic white tee with the tassels and could pair with a lot of other pieces in my closet. This top does have more of a boxy fit and isn't too see-through if you wear a nude bra underneath.


Lilly Pulitzer Scalloped Hem Shorts in Jellies be Jamin

Buttercup Scalloped Hem shorts in Jellies be Jamin
Size: 4
Fit: True to size

So, when I first ordered these shorts last year during the APS, they were a bit large on me since I had accidentally ordered a 4 instead of a 2, which I typically do in Lilly Shorts. I will say though since then I have gained roughly 7 - 10 pounds (#honestyhour) and now they do fit me. With that in mind, I will say these fit true to size and the scallops are a fun touch if you're looking for something different than the callahan shorts.

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic 21' Weekender Leggings
Luxletic 21" Weekender leggings in Multi Casa Del Sol
Size: Small
Fit: True to size

These were my first pair of weekender leggings and they're so comfy! The material is soft and they aren't see-through at all. I also love that there is a side pocket for my phone! My only complaint is that they are mid-rise and I'm more of a high-rise legging gal, but I did see that Lilly came out with a high-rise legging and hoping to score them soon!

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic 26" Weekender midi leggings

Luletic 26" Weekender Midi Leggings in Bright Navy Neptunes Net

Size: Small
Fit: True to size

These are the full-length version of the previous legging and they are just as comfy and cute. Unlike the cropped version, these do not come with a phone pocket. Again, I wish they were high-rise, but other than that I love them!

Lilly Pulitzer Colette Scalloped Hem Skort
Blog post: The energy you put out

Colette Scalloped Hem Skort in Multi Mermaids Cove
Size: 2
Fit: Runs small

As mentioned above, I had gained a few pounds and this skort is a bit snug on me, but I will say compared to how my other skorts fit me now this one is the tightest on me. I'd say this one runs smaller than my other skorts and size up. This one is also a lot shorter than my other skorts.

Lilly Pulitzer Marigold Skort in Dragon Fruit Pink

Marigold Skort in Dragonfruit Pink
Size: 2
Fit: Runs a tad large on me, but still go with your usual size

This has to be my favorite skort that I own so far! The colors in this skort are so pretty and I love the simple silhouette of it. I have Madison Skort that I posted in my last Lilly Pulitzer sizing guide, and also ordered it in a size 2, but this one runs about half a size bigger than that one. The main difference in style between this skort and the previous one I revied is this one has a back zipper closure instead of a button and front zipper closure. I would still order your normal size.


Lilly Pulitzer Karlie Wrap Romper

Karlie Wrap Romper in Tidal Wave Pans Garden
Size: Medium
Fit: True to size

This was a TJ Maxx find and I'm so happy with it! I typically don't like wrap styled pieces on me, but this romper was too cute. I could only find this romper in a medium and it is a little big on me and would prefer a small, but with a couple safety pins and I'm able to make this work. The front looks like a flirty wrap dress, while the back looks like shorts.

Lilly Pulitzer Donna Romper in Multi Off Tropic

Donna Romper in Multi Off Tropic
Size: 4
Fit: True to Size

This was the first romper I had purchased from Lilly and I LOVE it! I love the illusion of a short dress and the fit of it. I went with my normal dress size for this one. I had read reviews that this romper runs a little large, and when I first purchased it a year ago (before the 7 - 10lb weight gain) it was a little big, not crazy enough where I thought I needed to size down. If you are in-between sizes, I would size down though.

Lilly Pulitzer Pearl Romper in Multi Jet Stream

Pearl Romper in Multi Jet Stream 
Size: 4
Fit: Runs large

This one is an odd one for me. I had loved the Donna romper and saw that they had it with a different neckline during the APS in January and decided to purchase it since I loved my first one so much. I had ordered the same size as my other Donna romper, but this one seemed to run larger than that one. This one fits ok as the larger size, but I would rather have sized down on it.

And there you have it! What piece was your favorite? I hope you all found this post helpful and let me know if you're excited about the After Party Sale! Let me know in the comments down below what you're hoping to score!


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  1. How do you feel the madison skort runs compared to the collete (not scalloped)?