Now that the NSALE is done and over with, on to more important things... the LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE! We all know shopping online can be a pain and with the excitement over the sale, it can be a little overwhelming trying to guess what size you are. Today I'm putting together a sizing guide on some of my favorite Lily pieces to help you all gauge what size you are when shopping for the sale.

Lilly pulitzer sizing guide - sizing review

Happy Tuesday friends!

Can you believe we're already a week into August? Where did the days go?! 

Now that the hype over the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is over, we can get to talking about personally the best sale ever.. the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! I know when I first shopped the sale I was so lost on where I was sizing wise. I had never shopped at Lilly when I first shopped the sale 3 years ago (shocker, right?) and basically went in blind on sizing.

Flash forward a few years later and I like to think I have the whole sizing thing down pat. My blogger friend, Katie of Chic in Carolina did a post on a Lilly Pulitzer sizing guide last year discussing her sizing in Lilly items for reference and whether you should size up or down. This had helped me a TON and wanted to put one together for you all since I know we all have different body types and it helps to see how clothes fit different people. I highly recommend checking out Katie's post next to see her sizing and fit references to help give you a better idea of what you should order! 

So, let's get started now, shall we?

For sizing reference, I'm about 5'4" / 5'5" ish.

Tops: in most cases, I'm between a small / medium. I would say in BooHoo I'm consistently a size 6 and a size medium in Forever 21. In Lilly, I am typically a size small.

Bottoms: I would say a size 27/28 or a size 4 in most places. In Old Navy, I'm usually a size 2 or 4 in bottoms. In Lilly bottoms, I am typically a size 2.

Dresses: in between a size small or medium. In BooHooo I'm a size 6. Most boutique stores I'm a size small. In Lilly dresses, I'm typically a size 4 or a small. 

Skipper Popover in Seeing Pink Elephants - Size M

Popovers are always a Lilly favorite. I would say these run pretty true to size. Tops are hard for me to shop for because I'm typically right in the middle between a small and a medium. If I purchased another popover I'd probably still go with a medium because I do like the looser fit and I can wear a t-shirt underneath if I want. I'd say this would be true to size and if I had gone with a small this would fit more like a shirt than a comfy sweatshirt. 

Top in Blue Crush Bamboom - Size S

I'd say this top fits pretty true to size. It has a looser fit, and the neckline doesn't go down too low. The top is 100% silk so you do have to dry clean it and it overall has a pretty loose fit. 


Mila Shift in Heart Breakers - Size 8

The Mila Shift is hands down my favorite shift I own from Lilly. I had read the reviews that the Mila Shifts tend to run small and size up. I had actually gone on a whim and sized up two sizes and glad I did! The dress did fit pretty loose at first, but after I washed it the first time it fit perfectly. Keep in mind that this dress does fit pretty short and I feel like if I would have gotten my normal size 4 it would have been too short.

Annabelle Shift in Shorely Blue Annabelle Stripe - Size 2 

I actually found this darling shift at Marshall's and couldn't pass it up. This dress does fit a little small on me and could have gone with a size 4. I would say this fits pretty true to size since I am typically a 4 in dresses. The material on this is pretty thick and has a nice zip up back.

See how I styled this dress in this blog post!

Delia Shift in Toucan Play - Size 6

Bought this dress in a size 6 but should have gone with a size 4. This dress is a bit too long for me (I'm about 5'4 ish) and overall a little too loose. Would say fits true to size if I would have gotten my normal size.

See the full blog post featuring this dress here.

Carmel Dress in Pink Lemonade - Size XS

This dress is super loose-fitting and flowy which is perfect for hot summer days. I got an XS but could have gone with a size small because the chest and the armholes are a bit tight on me. This dress does seem a little see-through so I would recommend pairing it with nude undergarments. 

See the full blog post featuring this dress here.

Tana Shift in Never Been Betta - Size 4

Next, to the Mila Shift, this may be my favorite dress I've tried on at Lilly. This dress fits true to size and it's not too short, unlike the Mila Shift. I would say this runs true to size.

Delphine Stretch Silk Tunic in Lazy River - Size S

This dress is pretty much the dress version of the Tye Top and I love it! I tried on a size small and fits perfectly. This dress runs true to size and I don't mind the longer hem on the dress on me. I would say this fits pretty true to size.

Size 4

I had actually thrifted this dress from Uptown Cheapskate. I'm pretty sure the person who owns this dress before me altered the dress because there are some stitches near the shoulder area and it does fit a little tight on my shoulders. Would say fits true to size.

I actually wore this shift dress for my college graduation! I loved the print of it and the silk material was nice and airy to wear under my graduation gown. I do wish that I got this dress in an x-small because it was a little big on me and the hemline is a couple inches too long on me. I feel like I can get away with wearing heels with this dress and it looks fine, but when I pair it with flats it looks like an awkward length on me. I would say to size down on this dress.

Callahan Short in Palm Reader - Size 2

I've always heard so many good things about Lilly Pulitzer's Callahan shorts. These shorts do have a 5" inseam and I thought that I wouldn't like them since they are a little long, but I actually really do like the modest length. I'm usually a pretty consistent size 4 in pants/shorts, but a size 2 in Lilly shorts fit me perfectly. 

I have multiple pairs of Callahan shorts and you can see how I styled them here and here!

Adie Short in You Gotta Regatta - Size 2

For some reason, the Adie shorts fit a little snug on me even though I got them in the same size as the Callahan shorts. The only main difference between these shorts and the Callahans is that these are an inch shorter. I do like the shorter inseam on these shorts and it's also a plus that I managed to snag them in the You Gotta Regatta print!

See how I styled them in this outfit post.

Lenore Skort in Navy - Size 2

Never would I have thought to be in love with skorts past middle school, but here I am rocking a Lilly Skort! I scored this Lenore Skort a couple After Party Sales ago and it has to be one of my favorite purchases. I love the length on this skort and it's the only Lilly piece I have that's not printed, which I kinda love. I got this skort in a 2 and I feel like it fits looser than my Callahan shorts but I feel like sizing down a size would be too small for me. I would say this fits pretty true to size.

Kelly Pant - Size 6

I had thrifted these Kelly Pants brand new and despite them being a size too big for me, I bought them anyway. Before I had washed these pants they were a bit loose on me, but after throwing them into the wash they fit perfectly on me! I wonder if it's best to size up on these pants since they did fit a little snugger after a wash because I feel like if I had gone with a 4 they would be too tight for me after a wash. I'd say to size up on these pants! 

Full outfit post on these Kelly Pants here.

I adore this skort! Yes, it's actually skort! I love how it looks like an actual skirt but you have the comfort of it having shorts underneath. I went with the same size in Callahan shorts with these and they fit great! 

Size 2

I had thrifted this skort as well and managed to find it in my size! Like almost all of Lilly's bottoms, I purchased this in a size 2. I do have to say this does fit a little snugger than the Lenor Skort, but not in a big way where I would need to size up.

Full outfit post featuring this skort here.

Whew! And that's it. I hope this helped you all a little bit when determining what size to get in your favorite Lilly pieces! I know posts like this always help me out when I'm online shopping and hope it does the same for some of you! Let me know if you're excited about the After Party Sale and let me know what you're hoping to score in the comments down below! Have a great week!



  1. Hi Amy Any comments for the Bordeaux Tunic Dress?

  2. I could trade you for your Jackie shift dress. I own the same one in an xs and feel that it is too short on me and I could have used a tad more room in general. It’s like new!

  3. This was super helpful for figuring out what size to order, thanks!