Rylie Dress (different dress, same print here) || Monogram necklace ℅ || White Converse || Melbourne Purse

Happy Wednesday friends! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week. I actually had a completely different post planned out for today, but really just wanted to take a second and get real with you all for one hot second.

Lately here on Pastel N Pink I’ve been SO unmotivated to write a post or interact on Instagram. You may have noticed that I haven’t been on Instagram stories much lately and when I do post anything it’s been discouraging with the little feedback that I’ve been getting. I know there’s been lots of talk about the Instagram algorithm messing up engagement for people and how frustrating it is, and I’ve really tried not to get into all of that mindset, but when you put so much time and effort and seeing little results in return it can be very discouraging.

I know there are many factors that could be affecting this such as me taking on two jobs and a recent move which caused me to downsize A LOT (I’m currently staying with relatives until I get my life together and had to somehow squish everything that was in my apartment to one bedroom.). I don’t mean to complain or go all “woe is me,” because I am truly grateful to even have a way to save up and make money until I get a real job, but I would be lying to say it has definitely put me in a slump on some days. 

Another thing is that many of you may already know, but RJ had recently moved back to our hometown and it’s been tough getting used to that. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy (aka taking on multiple shifts and working 2 weeks straight) and it also plays into the factor of me not posting as often as he used to be the one who takes all of my photos for me. I know saying all this seems like such petty little #firstworldproblems but I thought I’d share where I’m coming from to explain why I’ve been so MIA lately on my various platforms. 

So I want to pass this off to you all. Please share any tips / advice / comments / questions / anything down below! I’d love to hear any tips you may have in regards to getting out of a slump, LDRs or anything in between. I’d also love to hear what YOU would like to see here on PNP so I can start on that and post what YOU want to read. 

Ok, ok, ok let’s end this on a more lighter and happier note, shall we? As many of you know the After Party Sale was last month and I picked up so many fun goodies! I had shared my haul with you all on Insta stories and some pieces of me trying things on in store. I had so many requests to share in an actual post of what I ended up picking up and wanted to first share my favorite purchase from the wholesale!

This casual dress has to be up there with one of my favorite Lilly pieces that I ever owned. For one it’s super comfy since it is basically a hoodie in dress form, and I adore the print! I had originally seen this dress on an employee at a Lilly signature store in Asheville and loved it on her but didn’t think the color would work for me. I decided to try this dress in the store and fell in love! I paired this dress with my new favorite converse and love the overall sporty and casual vibe of this look! 

Did you all shop the sale? If so let me know what you got down below! Also, thank you again for all of your support and as always, thank you for reading!


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