SO weird. I always knew 2017 as the year I would graduate from college and it's crazy to think that year is here. Why must time go by so fast??

Every year I do the infamous and very cliche New Year's resolutions post on my blog. New Year's resolutions tend to get a lot backlash since many of the resolutions fail within weeks or why should the goal be limited to the start of the new year? I actually really like New Year's resolutions, in fact, it's how I got back into working out again when I made it a goal to start working out again two years ago. It's just always nice to have a fresh start, you know? 

Be sure to check out last year's New Year's resolutions! I can't say I 100% successfully completed all my resolutions (aka cleaning up my diet and staying on top of my schoolwork), but I feel like I did a good 80%. 

Now, enough with my rambles. Here are this year's goals!

Personal Goals

Work out 5 days a week
Did you really make a New Year's resolution if you didn't have a goal that's fitness related? But really, I have been slacking in the fitness department since the fall semester started and I would love to get back into the habit of working out again.

A sub-goal would be to run in my first 5k race. I've always wanted to run a 5k and I think as soon as I find a race I am interested in running, signing up for it will finally push me to start training for it. Currently, I am running about a mile a day, but I would love to finally get my endurance up to run the full 3.1 miles!

Become more independent
I like to think I'm a "strong independent woman who doesn't need no man" but let's be honest, where would I be without my dad and RJ helping me with practically everything?? I want to start branching out on my own whether it be figuring out how to adult or making my own set of friends outside the ones I share with RJ (it's all about balance, right?). 

Be more present
I'll be the first to admit that I am terrible at being on my laptop or phone for hours on days when I hang out with my family or friends. It's bad, I know. With having a blog, being active on various social medias comes with it, but I do want to get better at dedicating set times to blogging and times to when I need to walk away from the computer. I mean, at the end of the day we're going to remember the times we spend with our loved ones, not the times where scrolled through Instagram for hours liking every flatlay you come across.

Blogging Goals

Push out QUALITY content
LBH not every post I've put on the blog is something I'm proud of, which sucks. Sometimes time gets the best of me or just the fact that some days I don't feel very motivated to put much effort into a post before my posting day. I want to get better at putting 100% into each post and only post content that I'll "show my worst enemy." Quality over quantity, right?

Get more involved with Snapchat / Instagram Stories
This past year I made a new Snaptchat for my blog in hopes to connect with you all more and share more of my personal life with you all. I am still pretty shy about talking on camera, especially since I know I have so many of my persona friends follow me on Snapchat, but I would love to start getting more into Snapchat. I told myself that if I get more comfortable with Snapchat or Instagram stories, I would experiment with possibly vlogging?! I have always loved the idea of vlogging to keep videos for memory sake. Even if I don't end up posting any videos on the internet, I would love to start doing that in the upcoming year to have them for my own memories. 

And those are my new year's resolutions! Fingers crossed that I'll follow through on them, maybe I'll do an update post a few months from now to keep me accountable. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! I'd love to know your goals for the new year down below and we can help keep each other accountable! 

Cheers to 2017!

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