Happy Friday friends!

I can't believe that we are at our final days of 2016 (2 to be exact)! 2016 has been the most amazing, stressful, surprising, eye opening, exciting, long, short, sad, terrifying, greatest, craziest, funnest year yet. There has been so many complaints about 2016, but to be honest, it has treated me pretty well.

2016 was full of so many memories, lessons and realizations that it's hard to believe that it all happened in one year. I have done my "year in review" posts every year since I started blogging. Here are 2014 and 2015's post if you all want to go back down memory lane with me. Today I'm reflecting on all of the highlights of this past year and hope that it won't be too long of a post!

New Year's
This was actually the first New Year's that I got to spend with RJ! Every New Year's something came up whether it be family related or work so it was exciting to be able to ring in the new year with him this year! You can read more on how we started off 2016 in my January Highlights post!

Fun fact: I had made a separate Snapchat account to send photos to through out the year for 2016 to look back on at the end of the year... turns out Snapchat deletes the snaps after a while!! There goes that fun idea..

The "Big Game"
One big thing that happened this year was that the Panther's went to the Super Bowl this year!! Unfortunately we didn't win, but it was still fun to host my first Super Bowl party and be with all of my friends. You can read more about the experience here!

My 21st Birthday
How can I go through a recap without mentioning that I turned 21 this year! Holy cow I cannot believe I'm legal to drink. My 21st birthday was filled with so much love, cake and wine that I wish I could go back to celebrate it all over again! I had a fun week long series on my blog in honor of my 21st birthday where I shared  my birthday wish list and 21 things about me. You can read more about my 21st birthday here!

This was the year of 21st birthdays! It was fun to not only celebrate me turning 21, but my friends as well. I always love birthdays, it's so fun celebrating and having a reason to have everyone together!

First Blogger meet up
2016 was the year that I was lucky enough to start meeting some local bloggers and be able to attend some fun events on behalf of my blog! I had went to my first blogger meet up in May and was able to meet some fantastic Charlotte bloggers. You can read more about my first blogger meet up experience here!

Again, this year has opened some doors to allow me to attend some fun events on behalf of my blog. Many of them had occurred over the summer and it's been great to be able to meet some local bloggers and share some blogging tips! Here are some highlights of some of the events I was able to attend:

Opening of Craft City Social and City Lights Rooftop
This was one of the first events I had been able to attend as a blogger. Annaliese from Southern Belle In Training was sweet enough to invite me as her plus one! You can read the full recap of my expereince here (which is also my first post in my Pink Talks series that I started this year)!

Fourth of July Splash Bash
This was the first event I was personally invited to attend on behalf of my blog. It was so fun to spend the 4th at Craft City Social and I was able to see some familiar faces there as well! You can read the full recap of my expereince here!

Better than Tax free weekend at Charlotte Premium Outlets
I was able to attend an event to for the "Better than tax free weekend" sale that all the Simon Properties in Charlotte were holding. I got to mingle with some local bloggers, hear about the latest fall trends and best sales! Read more on my expereince here!

Blogger meet up at Craft City Social 
This was the second IHC Blogger meet up I was able to attend and I also got a chance to meet the bloggers behind Seersucker Sass and A Queen City Girl! It was so fun to relax under the cabana and soak up the last few days of summer before the semester started. You can read more about the meet up here!

I was able to say goodbye to summer with some of Charlotte's best dressed. I was able to attend the End of Summer Splash Bash hosted by Simply Stylings and it was such a wonderful time (for the time I was able to stay...) You can read up more on what happened that night here!

Cheers to 2 years!
Pastel N Pink turned two years old this year! It's crazy to think my little corner of the internet is already two years old and never have I would have thought it would have grown to what it is today. I had actually planned on a full on photo shoot with balloons, confetti and the whole nine yards for this post, but.. sometimes things just don't follow through. Never the less it was still fun celebrating PNP's 2nd birthday! You can read my two year blogiversary post here!

4th of July
Another first for RJ and me this year was we were able to spend our first 4th of July together this year! It's crazy to think after three years we were finally able to spend these holidays together. You can read a little bit more on what we did on the 4th in this blog post!

Warp Tour
I had went to my first Warped Tour this year as well! Lots of firsts this year. Going to Warped Tour was such a last minute thing on my end, but it was such a fun and different expereince. As for if I plan on attending it again next year.... we'll see haha. I think my ears have had enough intense music to last me for a while! You can read more on my expereince here!

Opening up more on my blog
This past year I started opening up more on my blog and sharing more of my life experiences with you all. Even though my blog is primarily fashion based, it's been fun sharing all the highs and lows with you all. I mean, I am human after all. One of my favorite posts I have written this past year was my "Doing more of what makes me happy" post. It actually took me a while to get down what I wanted to say, but in the end I'm so happy with how it turned out. 

RJ's Surprised 21st Birthday!
How I managed to plan RJ's surprise party without him finding out is still beyond me! RJ is with me pretty much every day and it was pretty tricking trying to pull this off, but with some help with friends and family we were able to ring in his 21st with a bang! This was my first surprise party I have ever planned and although it was super stressful, it was so worth it! Read more about RJ's birthday weekend here!

We also did a whole post dedicated to RJ on the blog where he answered some of your questions. You can read more on it here

Capstone Project
I couldn't go through a year in review post without mentioning my capstone project. If you all didn't know, I'm finishing my last year of college (*tears*) and getting my degree in marketing! For this fall semester I had to put together a marketing plan with my team for our capstone project. Needless to say it took up most of our lives, but I am so thankful for the friendships I have made through the process. You can read a little more on it here!

Holiday festivities
This holiday season I was fully into the holiday season! I don't know if  it was Blogmas or what, but this year the Christmas bug hit me HARD. In the previous years Christmas was another holiday. My family isn't big on celebrating it so we never did anything too festive. This year I was able to attend various holiday parties (even host one myself), decorate my apartment and send out Holiday cards for the first time. It's been so fun to get into the holiday spirit this year! You can read more on the holiday festivities here!

WHEW. And that's it! This year has been crazy and jammed pack and I cannot believe it's already over. I'm so excited for the new year and what it has in store. 2017 this is going to be a tough year to beat!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you all in the new year!!

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