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I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! I meet up with a few bloggers this past weekend for a blogger event on Saturday, but I'll share more on that later this week!

Back to school season is unfortunately among us. I cannot believe that this is my final year of college and the one week mark until I go back to school. I mean, WHERE DID THOSE LAST THREE YEARS GO?! In honor of this being my final year of college and back to school season I wanted to share what it's in my school bag along with some of my essentials. 

Also, be sure to stick around to the end of the post for an exciting giveaway!!

On most days I use my Victoria's Secret Pink backpack for class, but occasionally I will use my reversible tote. This tote fits SO much and makes me feel a little dressier than carrying around a backpack. As for features of the tote, it's basically a giant open bag with a magnetic closure and comes with a small removable pouch. 

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90% of the time I take my notes on my laptop and then go back home after class to rewrite my notes. It seems like everyone and their mother now has a macbook (which I see why because they're AMAZING), but it can be a little redundant seeing a sea of silver screens in your classroom. I wanted to give mine a face lift and decided to get a beautiful marble skin to make my laptop stand out a little. Custom laptop skins are the perfect way to make your laptop stand out from everyone else's! 

Cell Phone
Having a cell phone in my bag is a pretty much given. I currently have this super cute case I was able to customize from CaseApp on it! If you're looking for a case that's already been designed, I love this print! 

CaseApp was kind enough to give my readers a 20% off coupon ("PASTELNPINK20") to customize your own laptop skin or cell phone case so your tech items can go back to school in style!


I cannot live without my agenda! No joke, I went a couple days on a "no planner" break and I never felt so lost in my life. I have been using the Lilly Pulitzer agenda for the past three years for school and love it! Agendas are great to keep you on track in school and keep you organized. Be sure to keep on the look out for a post on how I organize my agenda for class!

On the rare occasion where I cannot use my laptop in class to type notes or if my laptop decides to die on me, I do like to have a notebook on hand to take notes. My favorite notebooks to use are the Five Star college rule notebook . Seriously, the best for making your handwriting and notes look pretty (very important) and they always come in so many fun prints and colors!

I'm pretty much done with all of my math classes in my college career (I'm a business major btw!) but I still like to carry a calculator around just for that rare occasion I may need it. I also decided to give my calculator a little face lift by hand painting a fun Lilly patter on it. Can you tell that I love decorating my school supplies?

I'm not sure if all Universities use this, but some of my classes require me to use a clicker in class. This is used for attendance, answering in class questions or pop quizzes. 

Pencil Case (Old, THIS one is super cute!) || Highlighters || Pens (similar)

Pencil Case
This is my favorite pencil case to use! It has 3 different compartments where I can seperate my highlighters, pens/pencils and my eraser, whiteout and sticky notes. Unfortunately I bought it a few years ago, but this one is super cute! 

Writing Utensils
Again, pretty much a given. Pens, pencils and highlighters galor! I love color coding so I pretty much have every color of the rainbow in my pencil pouch.


Wallets with attachable straps and small wristlits are my favorite ways to carry around my money and cards in my backpack. This wallet is my favorite to carry around for school because it comes with an attachable strap that I can wear as a purse if I decide to go out to eat with friends after class. It's also big enough to fit my million and one cards in it! 

The worst thing that can happen is that you're almost done with your term paper and then your laptop decides to die on you... Be prepared and pack your charger with you! I also carry my phone charger around with me because I'm super paranoid about being in a bad situation and having a dead phone...

My class schedule always fall right in the middle of lunch for me so snacks are essential for me. Usually I'm carrying some type of granola bar, but I recently tried this blue berry granola from Quaker Oats and I'm low key hooked! It's super good in oatmeal too!

Other items not shown:
  • Advil / Migraine medicine - getting a headache in class is the worst!
  • Water bottle - have to stay hydrated
  • Sweater - for those chilly classrooms

So that's what I carry in my bag! So, now on to the giveaway! I've teamed up with CaseApp on this post to give you all a chance to win your own custom laptop skin or phone case! The giveaway will end one week from today. Good luck!!

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What do are some of your school bag essentials? I'd love to know! I hope you all have a wonderful week and come back Wednesday for a new post!

*This post was in partnership with CaseApp and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Pastel N Pink!

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