Hello, everyone! With the year starting to wind down and my 5th semester in college coming to an end I thought it would be fun to share with you all 5 things I learned during my time here. You learn so much in college in and out of the classroom. They said college is about finding yourself and learning new things and boy were they right. So without further ado, here are 5 things I learned from college (outside of the classroom).

1. No one cares about what you wear

You could go to class rockin' last night's PJs or in pumps and a dress and no one would really care. At the end of the day, we are all here to learn and you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

2. It's ok to ask for help

I have come to learn that seeking help does not mean you’re dumb, it means you are smart enough to seek someone to help you solve your problem. We are all here to learn and no one is going to judge you by asking a question on how to clarify something.

3. No one likes doing dishes

Does anyone really like doing dishes in the first place? What I have noticed is that no one likes to do dishes. Dishes always tend to pile up in our sink for days on end and it always ends up someone having to do the whole load not because they dirtied them, but because they need to use them. Maybe part if it is because I am a little bit of a clean freak, but isn't it just common sense to wash right after you use them?

4. People change, and that's ok.

My dad always told me that people go through 18 different changes throughout their life and that's perfectly ok. We all grow up, our taste and interest change and that’s perfectly normal. Some people may turn from being introverts to a social butterfly and vice versa. College is about finding yourself and sometimes that means going through changes. As long as the change isn’t for the worse, I say embrace it!

5. Making plans with people is harder than you think.

With a full schedule of classes, work, clubs, and everything everyone has going on, making plans for lunch with a friend seem like something you have to schedule a month in advance. There would be times where I won't see my roommates for 3 days at a time because our schedules are so busy. When you do catch that window of opportunity to meet up with a friend be sure to take full advantage of it!

I hope some of you will be able to relate to me on what I have learned during my two and half years here at college. Let me know what you have learned since you started college down below!

P.S. Today is my last day of finals!! I am ready for 4:30 pm to get here!!



  1. Good luck on finals, girl! You are going to kill it!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Oh man--I was the one who always took forever to do the dishes. At least my roommates were patient with me, haha. Love this list!

  3. These things are all so true! Especially the one about people not caring about what you wear. I honestly don't think a soul would care if I wore my pj's to class!