Parents. They're one of the hardest people to shop for and if your parents are like mine then they literally have everything or they yell at you for spending your money on them. Every year my brother and I are always teetering back and forth on what to get our parents and usually go the sentimental route for them.

Today I've recruited my parents to share some gift ideas with you all! Many of these items are either their favorite items they've been gifted or own and think would be great gifts. I will also include some DIY gifts down below because you can't go wrong with something handmade or sentimental for parents. 

Christmas Gifts for Parents




Nespresso Machine

I feel like if you want to do a combined gift for your parents or significant other parent's, and you are able to, then consider splurging on a bigger gift that they can both enjoy. This Nespresso Machine has been a hit in our household to make delicious lattes at home every morning. If your parents are avid coffee drinkers this would make a great gift and to take it up a notch you could throw in a set of matching mugs or your favorite pods. 

My Family Cookbook

Have all of their family recipes put together in one book to pass down for generations to come. This cookbook allows you to write in all of your favorite recipes and would be a great gift to give. Call up all your aunties and grandmothers for their favorite recipes and fill in the first few pages to get the book started!


For the parent who loves to read, travels a lot or wants a library full of books but not the space, then the Kindle would be the perfect gift. You could even include a card with a few of your favorite books as suggestions or books you think they would like. Christian has one and uses it daily!

Wine Glasses

For the parents who love to entertain or just love a good glass of wine, try treating them to a nice set of glasses. This set looks so sleek and classy and affordable too! Want to go a step further? Gift this with their favorite bottle of wine!

Electric Wine Opener

Another one for the wine lovers, an electric wine opener! Christian's parents own this and it's such a fun thing to break out every-time we enjoy a bottle of wine. This one comes in a variety of colors!

Security Camera

Give the gift of feeling security with a home security camera. This one shoots in 4k and works with Google Assistant. This would be a great gift for parents who travel often or just want some extra security in their home.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ok, this one is a little extra, but perfect for the parent who hates having their coffee go cold. This temperature control mug keeps your coffee pipping hot so you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee as long as you like. Perfect for those working from home right now!

Cheese Board

Who doesn't love a good cheese board? This one is so sleek and would be a great gift for the parents who love entertaining or just in general! Want to take it a step further? Gift this as a cheese board with their favorite cheeses, crackers, meats, and jams! They can enjoy the spread and keep the board afterwards. 

Christmas gifts for mom



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Christmas Gifts for Dad



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Still stuck on a gift idea? When figuring out a gift for my parents or significant other parent's I like to go towards the side of sentimental or DIY. As nice a shiny new fancy coffee machine is, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. These gift ideas are also great if you are shopping on a budget!


I've actually started gifting this to my mom every year for the past few years. Essentially you gather all of your family photos from the past year and compile them in to a book! I make mine through Shutterfly, and it's super easy to plug in all of the photos and add text. This is a great way to sit down at the end of the year and look back on everything that's happened. Since my brother and I have moved out and live further away from my parents, this is also a great way for my parent's to have photos of us and see what we've been up to! You could also do it scrapbook style and hand create the family yearbook yourself too!


Who doesn't love a box of home baked cookies? Get their favorite cookie recipe or two and bake them a box of their favorite treats! I gifted these to Christian's parents last year and they were a hit! His parents are Peruvian and with Christian's help I found a Peruvian cookie recipe to recreate and package them up in a cute festive tin! 


In the age of all things digital more pictures are taken on cell phones but are rarely printed. I think it would be fun to reach out to a local photographer and gift a family photoshoot to your parents. This way they can have nice, professional photos to look back on and you can even take it a step further and offer to pay for a few of their favorite prints so they are able to hang them up around the house!

What's a gift you've gifted to your parents that was a hit? Let me know down below! I hope you were able to find some gift ideas for your parents or significant other's parents in today's post. Thank you all for reading!




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