My chirstmas wishlist 2020

Anyone else feel like the older they get the harder it is to make Christmas wishlists? I mean, I don't really need anything and I've gotten to the point in my life where the items I want I can easily buy myself or save up for it. As I've gotten older I've realized things are just that, things. I guess that's when you know you're really growing up, huh? I feel like if I were to be gifted anything I would want it to have some sort of sentimental value.

With that being said, figuring out what to put in this year's post has been a struggle and I even debated whether or not to even publish one this year, but this has still been a popular request from you all! When putting together this list I mainly focused on things I have in my shopping cart for some time now and plan on purchasing eventually! I hope this help give you all some ideas on what to ask for this holiday season or ideas on what to gift yourself!

My Christmas wishlist 2020

J.Crew City Coat - I have been needing a good winter coat for a while now and been eyeing the infamous J.Crew City Coat for a while now! The gray color is such a nice change from my usual all black wardrobe in the winter and will still go with a lot.

Bear Cup - Ok, how cute is this little cup? I don't really need another cup in our cabinet, but how cute would it be to drink iced coffee from this?

Laptop Riser - Like most, COVID has made me adjust to working at home. Even though I am back in the office for most days out of the week I have found that I really enjoy sitting at an actual desk to do blog work. This laptop riser would be great for me to help with my posture and rise my laptop higher.

Wireless Keyboard - Going along the theme of working from home. With a laptop riser I'd need a wireless  keyboard so I can easily type. This pink one is adorable!

Laptop Backpack - I have been needing a new work bag for a while and have been eyeing this backpack for a while now! I have been a tote gal for a while but think a sleek backpack would be more practical.

Makeup Bag - currently all of my makeup is just casually being stored in a shopping bag under our sink... We don't have a ton of storage space in our bathroom and think this case would be perfect to fit all of my makeup and I can easily take it on the go with me once it's safe to travel again!

Reusable Makeup Wipes - I want to get more into reducing my waste and love the idea of these reusable makeup wipes. You can easily throw them in the wash to clean them and you can't go wrong with pink.  

Wireless Mouse - Again, making a desk set up. Christian recommends this wireless mouse and it's pretty cute!

Heat Protectant - Don't yell at me... I don't really use heat protectant on my hair when I style it... I know. I have heard great things about this Bumble and Bumble brand!

Slippers - I have been wearing house slippers NONSTOP and it definitely shows. I think it's time to switch mine out for some new ones.

What are you asking for this year for Christmas?



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