Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

OK is it me or is buying gifts for the men in your life 10x harder than buying gifts for women?? I mean, you can buy some cute fuzzy socks and a throw blanket for a girl and she would be over the moon about it.... what's the equivalent for men?? 

If you're stuck on what to gift the men in your life this year for Christmas, don't worry I got you covered. Growing up I shopped for both my dad and my brother and have always had more guy friends than girls, so I feel like I have some experience in this field. I've also recruited my boyfriend Christian to help me out with this post to make sure they're all boy approved. So whether you're shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or best guy friend, I got you covered this holiday season.

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Christmas gifts for your boyfriend

50 Best Bourbons Scratch off Poster - If your boyfriend is into bourbon I think this would be such a cool Christmas gift for him! As the name states, this poster features 50 of the best bourbons that every bourbon lover needs to try at least once in their life. The great thing about this is even once he's done trying all of the bourbons and scratching them off on the poster, you now have a great piece to hang! 

Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box - Why not gift your significant other the power to be a Laird? We actually purchased this for a White Elephant party last year and it was hit! In the kit, you are able to get a free tour of the Dunans Castle grounds and visit your exact plot of land! 

Long Distance Lamp - For my long-distance friends, this would be such a great gift to get! Once you turn one lamp on with a touch, the other lap glows as well. This is a great gift to remind the other person you are thinking of them. 

Mapiful Map - I personally have one of these maps in our room and love it! This website allows you to create a custom map of any city and you can add your own coordinates or message to it. Ours is a map of Charlotte since it's where we met / currently live and think this would be great to continue to get a map of each place we live at when we move!

Personalized Song Lyric Records - This is such an adorable piece and think this would be great if the two of you have a special song. This custom piece features a record and song lyrics written around it. This would also be great for newlyweds to have lyrics of their first song written on it! 

Fart Extinguisher - Hate to break it to ya ladies, but men stink. After living with my boyfriend you get to learn to not only live with him but his body odors as well.... This candle is hilarious but also very functional! 

Jack Black Lip Balm - This lip balm is by far the best lip balm ever! Give your man the gift of soft kissable lips with these lip balms. PS Lemon Basil is the best.

Science Themed Pint Glasses - If your man is into chemistry/anything science then these pint glasses would be a great gift for him! 

Heated Massage Gun - OK this one is a bit of a splurge, but so worth it in my opinion. If your man is always asking for back massages then this would be perfect for him. All you have to do is snap on one of the massage heads and let the device do its thing. No more having your hands cramp from trying to massage his shoulders.... so really a gift for the both of you. 

Champion Men's Sweatpants - ok, what guy doesn't like a good pair of comfy sweats? They come in a variety of colors and they look pretty snazzy on if I may add.

Christmas gifts for gamers

Stormtrooper Game Controler Holder - If he's a Starwars fan and a gamer then this would be the perfect gift for him! Let him proudly display his controller and get it off of your couch with this cute little holder. 

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad - Not sure what's the reason why gamers love RGB so much, but they do. This mouse pad is massive and if he's a PC gamer then he'll appreciate this, trust me. 

Sennheiser Gaming Headphones - If you're looking to splurge this year then Christian suggests getting him these gaming headphones. This company doesn't spend a whole lot of money on jazzy features such as lighting up and surround sound so they really focus on providing great sound quality. Christian says the key feature here is a wider soundstage.... whatever that means lol. 

Game Cube Prints - if you're looking to spruce up their game room then these prints would be a great gift to give! I love the look of these prints and Christian approves. 

Nintendo Switch - thanks to quarantine it seems like everyone and their mother seems to have a switch now, BUT if he doesn't have one already then this would be a great opportunity to gift him one! Not only can he play games by himself, but he can also doc the switch you can play with him if you like! 

Joy-Con Charging Doc - He already has a switch? Why not gift him this joy-con charging doc so he can make sure everything is all charged and ready to go at all times

Game Console Phone Case - I personally think this is pretty neat and would be a great stocking stuffer as well! This phone case looks like an old school game boy!

Christmas gifts for dad

A Stylish Pullover - not sure why, but gifting clothes to my dad is always my go-to. My dad has several of these half button/half-zip pullovers and loves them! The Banana Republic is my favorite place to shop for clothing for the men in my life, but J.Crew Factory and Old Navy are great options as well!

Fountain Pen - Christian actually has this pen and I swear it makes me feel 10x fancier every time I use it. This pen writes like a dream and has a nice bit of weight to it. In a year where we all practically lived in sweatpants, it's nice to add some boujee elegance to our lives. 

Personalized Wallet - How sweet would it be to gift your dad a wallet with an engraved note in it? This wallet is made with genuine leather and has all of the necessary compartments to carry everything he needs with him.

Ninja Foodie Grill - If your dad likes to cook or even likes to grill then this is the gift for him!! This device lets you grill items indoors without the smoke. On top of that, you can use it as an air fryer and bake in it as well. We personally have this and 10/10 recommend.

College Town Wall Sculpture - does your dad constantly talk about the good 'ole days of college? Why not get him a wall hanging of his college town? This piece is handcrafted by a father and son team and you can choose from 14 different cities.

Gun Decanter Set - My dad personally isn't much of a drinker or likes firearms, BUT if your dad is then this would be a cool gift to give. Possibly with their favorite bottle of scotch?

christmas gift for your brother

Hershal Toiletry Bag - it's time your brother grows up and stops shoving all of his toiletries into a plastic bag when he travels. Gift him this sleek toiletry bag to carry all of his essentials in for when it's safe to travel again.

Beanie - You can't really go wrong with gifting a good beanie for the holidays. This one is from a small business and the "Be a decent human" quote on it is the perfect reminder for your little bro.

Tile - if your brother is anything like mine then he is constantly losing anything and everything. Attach Tile to whatever you like, keys, bags, the tv remote (lol) and you can easily track it through the app via Bluetooth!

Addidas Ultra Boost - if you're thinking of treating your brother this year for Christmas I recommend the Addidas Ultra Boost. My brother is a bit of a sneakerhead and I gifted him this pair to him last year and he wears them all the time. We love a practical gift. 

Adjustable Dumbbell Weights - thanks to Miss Rona many of us are forced to work out at home. If your brother is all about the #gains then he'll definitely appreciate these adjustable dumbells to step up his home workouts. 

Man Up: 367 Classic Skills For Men - It's time for your brother to learn some basic skills in life and this book is just what he needs. From career to relationships this book has everything he'll need.

WHEW. And there we have it fam. Whether you're shopping for your dad, brother, or boyfriend I hope you were able to find something they would love in this gift guide round-up! Have a gift great gift idea? Let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all found this helpful and as always, thank you for reading! 


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