It's probably no surprise that I'm sharing some fitness goals at the start (kinda) of a new year with you all. I know it's pretty cliche to have a new mindset of it being a new year and to start working out / eating healthy, but for me, I love looking at it as a new year for even more growth! I hope by sharing my goals with you all it gives you some inspiration to start/ plan/achieve your fitness goals for the new year as well! 

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Happy Friday friends!

Can you believe we're already a month into 2018? It seems like so much has already crammed pack into the new year that it's hard to believe we're just getting started! 

In my 2018 Goals + Plans post I had mentioned that I wanted to start taking better care of my body, but didn't really go in depth of my personal fitness goals. Now that I have finally sat down and figured out what I all I wanted to achieve this year, I thought it'd be fun to share some of my fitness goals with you all! Plus, it's probably a great way to push myself to achieve them since I have all of you to keep me accountable! 

Fun my first 5K
It has been my goal for years to run a 5K and I'm trying my best to make it finally happen in 2018. TBH I've never been a runner and if you told me back in high school my goal was to run a 5K for fun I'd probably laugh in your face. I was the girl that could barely finish a mile, but it wasn't until my sophomore year of college till I got into running... and enjoyed it. 

I can clock in a couple miles on the treadmill (on a good day) no problem, my struggle is being able to outdoors. Right now I'm taking baby steps to transition from running indoors to out and with me being here in Disney hopefully, I can participate in a Disney 5k! 

Move at least 5 times a week
Whether it be going to the gym, hiking or going for a long walk I want to do some type of physical activity 5 times a week. I typically would make it a goal to just get my butt to the gym, but I think by just making a general goal to get moving is more attainable for me. 

Try 3 new fitness classes
I love trying new classes! It's a great way to get out of my normal routine and learn new moves to incorporate into my workouts. Last year I tried kickboxing for the first time and LOVED it. I wished we had a similar class down here in FL! I really want to try PureBarre or a Cycling class this year so I may look into getting one of those one-week trials before fully committing! 

Get my left split
This has been a long-time struggle for me for YEARS. Growing up in dance I have been pretty flexible most of my life and got my right split and have kept it no problem pretty fast. As for my left leg... it's almost a lost cause. I've been working hard to finally nail it and it's so close to being a full split that I think 2018 may finally be the year I can finally do a split on both legs. FINGERS CROSSED! 

And those are my fitness goals for 2018! Let me know down below what your fitness goals are for the new year down below! I'd love to be able to cheer each other on and keep each other accountable for a stronger and healthier new year! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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