When you just so happen to match a cute ice cream mural you have to do a photoshoot infront of it, am I right? Right. Now only if the weather was warm enough to actually enjoy an ice cream instead of posing infront of one!

Sweater (super old, similar here) || Jeans || Tote || Booties

Happy Wednesday friends!

It's kinda weird sharing this look with you all with it being 70's here in Florida... but I'm not complaining AT ALL. I do want to preface that most of the posts you'll see in the next week or so will be posting pre-shot back in Charlotte just so I have something to hold me over while I settle down a bit. So in case you see me posting a look in a chunky sweater (ie today) and wonder, how the heck I'm not sweating my booty off, it's because these were shot back in NC when the weather was BELOW 30. Again, so grateful for warm weather right now.

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So, here's the scoop (HA, get it?) with this photo location. If you're not from the Charlotte area, or not familiar with the Plaza Midwood area, then you this mural is outside of the delicious ice creamery, Two Scoops. Two Scoops is home to some of the most delicious handmade ice cream and cutest murals (you have to see the inside!).

I had first visited this location back in August after RJ and his roommates moved out of Charlotte and my cousin had offered to take me to get ice cream to cheer me up... because let's be honest, growing up and having your friends that you've spent almost every day with for the past 3 years not be around anymore SUCKS. 

The first thing I immediately noticed about the place was the incredibly adorable ice cream mural and had told myself I had to take blog photos in front of it before I left Charlotte. Fast forward to my second to last day in Charlotte and RJ and I running around trying to figure out blog photo locations to shoot before I left. I had remembered the mural at Two Scoops last minute and wanting to shoot there before I left so it was fitting that we squeezed it in before I left the Queen City. Also, bonus that my sweater so happened to match too!

So I guess the main point about this whole spill was to tell you I found a really cute mural in Charlotte, finally took blog photos with it before I moved and am super excited that my sweater matched it! 

Haha, I hope you all found that story somewhat interesting... also, for my fellow Charlotte babes, let me know if you ever been to Two Scoops! I'm pretty classic with my ice cream and loved their cookie dough! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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