It's no surprised that bell sleeves have been such a popular trend this year. Today I'm sharing how I styled this subtle bell sleeve top that would be perfect for any holiday occasion! 

Black Bell Sleeve top || Herringbone Vest (also styled here) || Skirt || Boots || Similar Purse || Necklace (not online, similar linked!) c/o

Happy Wednesday friends!

One of my favorite trends as of late has been bell sleeves! They've been popping up everywhere and my little collection has definitely grown a bit over the past few weeks. 

Even though I love those big dramatic bell sleeve tops, they're SUPER impractical to eat in. I mean, how's a girl going to eat her Chic-Fil-A when I'm worrying that I'll get honey mustard all up on my sleeve any second?! #truth Less dramatic bell sleeve tops like this one is the perfect happy medium between being stylish enough with a fun sleeve but practical to eat my meals throughout the day. 

RJ and I had actually shot these photos during my visit home during Thanksgiving and I told him the location I wanted for this look is "woodsy wonderland." We ended up wandering around finding some trails and finally came across this one to shoot at which I was super relieved when we did because I was FREEZING my little behind off walking around the woods in this outfit. Super cute, but not super warm. 

Another funny story behind taking these outfit photos. While RJ and I were out this woman had stopped us and asked if we wanted a photo together. (I guess she noticed my DSLR and wanted to be nice and offered). We said yes, and I started to hand her my phone and she decided to whisk us away over some rocks and started posing us for a full-on photo shoot. She took my camera and started snapping photos of RJ and I. Turns out she was location scouting for her sister and was getting some ideas. Long story short RJ and I got a free mini spontaneous photo shoot during our day out and it was so nice because it seems like RJ and I rarely get photos together since we're always snapping photos for the blog! 

I've attached a couple photos from the impromptu photo shoot down below:

I feel like I have a new appreciation for my little hometown every time I go back to visit. We may not have a beautiful skyline with a million restaurant choices, but we do have beautiful mountain scenery stocked full of great nature trails. I mean, I guess I have the best of both worlds, am I right? 

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And that's it for today's post! I hope you all enjoyed it and as always, thank you so much for reading! Have a great rest of your week!


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