I swear the older I get the harder it is to put together a Christmas wish list. I mean, in all honesty, I've been super lucky and fortunate to have everything I need. This is just a list of things that I'd like to have / things I'm saving up to purchase for myself. I hope this helps give you some ideas on what to ask for this Christmas / things to buy for someone on your list!

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Happy Friday friends!

I have asked on Instagram if you all would be interested in seeing a Christmas wishlist post and many of you said yes! Honestly, I was hesitant posting this because it seemed a little weird putting out a list of items I would like to be gifted. I know many of these items are splurge items and I certainly do NOT expect any of these items, but thought it still would be fun to share what I have been eyeing as of late.

Barrington Gifts Tote

I'm sure many of you know this by now, but I have this thing for bags. I can't really justify spending a whole lot on a top or dress, but a good bag I can deal. I have been eyeing this tote from Barrington Gifts for a couple years now and would love to add it to my collection! I love the classic print of it and think it'd be perfect for work! I also love how it looks more expensive than it actually is which is a plus!

Running Shoes
I actually asked for running shoe my sophomore year of college and I am in need of an updated pair. The shoes I have now are starting to get pretty worn down (holes and all) and are starting to hurt my feet when I workout. My go-to workout shoes are Nike Frees, but this grey one with the rose gold swoosh has caught my eye! I've also been on the hunt for a blush pair as well.

Origins Face Lotion
I had received a sample of this face lotion from Influenster a few months back and fell in love! There's something so refreshing about the lotion and I swear it helps wake me up in the morning. The price of the lotion is a bit much for me, but I'd LOVE to a have a full-size version of it because I currently used the last of the sample size /:

Hand Steamer

I've never used a steamer until I worked in retail and now I think I need one!! SO much easier to get wrinkles out than ironing and I love this small handheld one! p.s. does this make me officially an "adult" now that I'm asking for a practical gift?? 

Ok, tbh I thought these things were so silly and why would any every want one... well after trying my co worker's popsocket I'm hooked! I want one of my own and I'd probably save my phone from quite a few drops! How fun is this donut one though?? 

Ted Baker Kittii Cat Leather Crossbody
Do I need another crossbody? Probably not. Do I reaaallllyyyy want to add this one to my collection? YES. I mean, it's rose gold AND shaped like a cat. What's not to love? 

1 Liter water bottle
I've been on the hunt for the perfect 1 Liter water bottle. If anyone can find a cute one hit a girl up. I'd love to have one because currently I'm carrying 3+ water bottles around with me and it'd be nice to just have one big one! 

Gift Cards 
Honestly, any type of gift card would be greatly appreciated as well. Who doesn't like money?? I asked my parents for a grocery store gift card so if that isn't adulting I don't know what is! 

And that's about it. If you all follow me on Twitter then you may have seen me tweet yesterday that it was a struggle for me to put together this list. I feel like I don't really need anything but these items would be nice to have. What's on your Christmas wishlist this
year? Let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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