Now that the NSALE is over it's time to focus on bigger and better things... the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! If you have never shopped the sale before or want to pick up on some new tips to make your shopping experience even better, fear not I have compiled all of my tips and tricks with you all.

Happy Sunday friends!

I'm popping in for a rare Sunday post to share with you all some of my tips and tricks for shopping the After Party Sale. I've been shopping the sale since my sophomore year of college (which is 3 years ago!!) and every year I always pick up some great pieces. I've shared many times that I have never bought Lilly full-priced (aside from their agendas) and I actually started to grow my Lilly collection from shopping the After Party Sale. 

I might warn you, the sale can be a little hectic at times, but just pour yourself some coffee and grab your laptop because this is going to be the most colorful sale of the summer!

First things first, what is the After Party Sale? 
The After Party Sale is a sale Lilly holds twice a year to sell some of their past season pieces for a discounted price. Many of the items in the sale are usually under $100. Many of the dresses I've scored from the sale are around $50 which is GREAT for Lilly pieces. If you go on the Lilly Pulitzer site you may notice that they don't have a sale section and it's because they save all their goodies for the After Party Sale. Typically the sale happens on a Monday in January and August. 

When is the After Party Sale?
The sale this year starts tomorrow August 28th at 8am and for the first time ever lasts 3 days! That's right, from August 28 - 30th you have a chance to shop the Lilly sale in-store and online. 

Also for the first time ever Lilly Pulitzer is holding a pre After Party Sale in stores only today starting at 3pm! This is great for you working gals who can't shop the sale during work.

How does the After Party Sale work?
The After Party Sale has changed over the years, and how the sale works now (online) is that you head over to the Lilly Pulitzer website and you're automatically put into a virtual line. From there you just wait until it's your turn in line and you can access the sale. 

In the past years, I've always opened up the sale on multiple devices (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, boyfriend's laptop...) and just hop on whichever one access the sale firsts. Be careful to not refresh your browser once you're in line because you'll be placed at the end of the line if you do so.

I also would advise not to open multiple tabs on your laptop as well because the line goes by IP addresses and you'll just be slowing yourself down by having all the unnecessary tabs open on the same device. 

What will be in the sale?
Everything you currently see on the Lilly site will not be on sale. Typically things that go on sale are past season items. You can pretty much expect to see their classic pieces such as the Mila Shift, Marlowe Dress, Popovers, Callahan shorts and Kelly Pants to be included in the sale just in older prints. 

What are your tips for shopping the sale?

1. Make an account on Lilly Pulitzer RIGHT NOW and stay logged in. 
Items sell out fast during the sale and the last thing you want to do is have your favorite shift in your cart and go to check out and have it be sold out while you're typing in your mailing address. I also advise staying logged in right now because Lilly shuts down the site 8 hours before the sale to prep for it.

2. Know your sizes.
Everything in the APS is a final sale so be sure to know your sizes beforehand. I put together a Lilly Pulitzer size guide for you all so you can get a rough idea of what size you need in what styles before you order. I do have to say Lilly sizing can be inconsistent so be sure to read the reviews as well before you order!

3. Shop Lilly Pulitzer signature stores
Don't limit yourself to just shopping the sale on the Lilly Pulitzer official site. Many Lilly signature stores such as the Pink Pelican holds sales during the APS and there is no virtual line to get in.  

4. Make a wish list / set a budget
I know I'm not the only one that tends to go a little too crazy when I hear the word "sale." I usually make a wish list of items (or in this case styles) that I'm on the hunt for. Also, since I'm in the process of saving money for a place of my own right now, I've set my self a budget to stick by to make sure I don't go too overboard.

5. Check back frequently
Last year Lilly added more sale pieces throughout the day and some of them included pieces in the "You Gotta Regatta" print! Also, don't be afraid to make multiple orders throughout the day, during the sale, there is free shipping! Be sure to follow them on their Instagram and Twitter accounts because they usually announce when they'll drop new pieces in the sale or sneak peeks! 

And those are my tips! If you want to read more on the After Party Sale be sure to head over to Lilly's FAQ page to read more on it. I'm so excited for this year's sale and just like I've done in previous years I'll be sure to do a post of my favorites and tweet out any new pieces that come out to you all. The post will be a similar setup like last year where you can just click on the piece you want and shop it right then and there! 

Are you shopping for the sale tomorrow? If so let me know what you're hoping to score! I hope you all have a great day!


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