Growing up in a small town there was a lot that I took for granted. It wasn't until I moved out to Charlotte for college till I really realized how great small-town life can be. I guess you really don't know a good thing till it's gone, am I right? Even though I don't have any plans to move back anytime soon, I now have a newfound appreciation for my small town!

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Happy Friday friends!

I hope all of you had a wonderful week! As many of you know, I had made a visit back home to my hometown earlier this week and it was so nice to spend time with family for a little bit. Growing up I hated living in such a small town. I mean, to give you an idea of how small it is my graduating class was a class of 94 and the only “major” store we have is Wal-Mart. If we wanted to do any shopping at a mall it would require a day trip out to the city and the closest city to us is about 2 hours away. 

I’ve expressed multiple times on the blog that I LOVE living in Charlotte and how much I’ve learned during my time here. Even though I do love being in the city and don’t see myself moving back home or to any small town anytime soon, I have grown such an appreciation to my tiny hometown this past week. Yes, it may suck not having a Panera close by for soup on a cold and rainy day, but we do have some of the best “hole in the wall” restaurants ran by the nicest people. 

Today I want to share some of the perks of small-town living, because who wants to focus on the negatives all the time?

Everyone knows everyone

This may be a con in some aspects, but remember, we’re focusing on the positives in this post! Since small towns are, well small, you pretty much know everyone you go to school with, their parents, their grandparents and all of their extended family. There’s such a close-knit community is small towns that you just really can’t get with bigger cities like Charlotte. It’s really cool to see the community come together for Friday night football games, school fundraisers or even when something tragic happens in the community.

Also, I do want to note, since everyone pretty much went to school together since Kindergarten, any new student that comes in is pretty much going to have the attention for the whole week. It happens. 

No rush hour traffic

One thing I miss about living in a small town is NO TRAFFIC. Which is kinda ironic that I’m writing that as a perk this week because this past Monday we were hit with traffic from the solar eclipse. It was estimated that about 2 million people were coming to Western North Carolina to see the eclipse, crazy huh?? 

But other than an eclipse happening once every few years we generally have no traffic. Want to go grab a snack at 5 pm? Go ahead. Feeling like eating breakfast with some friends at 8 am? Do it! With fewer people in the town the there are fewer cars on the road so you really don’t ever have to fight rush hour traffic or the morning commute. 

Less temptation

I had said the closest city to us is about a 2-hour drive and that we pretty much don’t have any of the big chain restaurants or stores. This can be a bad thing when finding things to do with friends, but in a way, it’s great for saving money.

Small businesses

Like I said, small towns generally lack in the bigger chain restaurants and stores, but it is made up of lots of smaller mom and pop shops. My parents ran a restaurant in my hometown and since then I’ve always had an appreciation to other smaller businesses. My hometown is filled with “hole in the wall” restaurants that are just as delicious as the bigger chain restaurants and are such a great treat you can only find in my home town.

Safer (generally)

Yes, I know crime can happen anywhere, but generally speaking small towns are safer. I mean, fewer people mean less likely crime would happen. I mean, at least I feel 10x safer walking around at 10 pm by myself in my hometown than I do in Charlotte. 

And those are some of the perks of small-town living! Let me know down below if you’re from / living in a small town and what some perks are down below! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always, thank you for reading! 

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