Femme Luxe, an online store that claims to have on-trend, influencer inspired fashion. Curious to know more about the brand? Read more down below! 

*Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Femme Luxe and as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting brands that support The Daily Amy!

Hi friends!

If you're like me then you do quite a bit of your shopping online. I mean, gone are the days of driving to the mall, fighting to find a spot only to fight the Saturday crowd to hopefully find something at the selected about amount of stores there. Online shopping has changed the game with many retailers only operating online now. I mean, you can pretty much shop for anything for any occasion with a single click.

With that being said, it can be a little tricky trying out a new online retailer. One thing traditional brick and mortar retail stores have over online stores is the fact that you're able to go in, feel the material, and try on the items. I know at least for me I've always come across the struggle of trying to figure out what size to order online, what the quality will be like, and if I'm actually going to get what's pictured.

Today I want to kick off a little series on my blog where I review online retailers giving you all my honest thoughts on the quality, sizing, etc. Hopefully, this will give you all a better idea if the particular retailer is worth checking out.


In today's post, I had the chance to check out a new to me retailer, Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe describes themselves as a bold and "Influencer inspired fashion brand." The company had started two years ago featuring pieces such as bodycon dresses, jumpsuits, and bodysuits. There are over 100 pieces on the website every week and continuously offer discounts and promos for their pieces. Femme Luxe is a London based brand but ships worldwide. As far as a return policy, they do allow you to return items within 14 days of receiving your package.


Outfit Details: "Nothing to Wear" T-shirt c/o || Cardigan || Jeans || Belt


This graphic tee was labeled as a cropped top, but it's the length of your traditional t-shirt. In the photo, the model had the t-shirt tied into a knot to make it look like a cropped t-shirt so maybe it is meant to be styled tied up to look like a crop top? Besides that, this is my favorite piece from Femme Luxe. The material is super soft and slinky. As for sizing, I got an S/M and even though it fits, I'd much rather have gotten the M/L for a looser fit. 

Outfit Details: Black Blazer Dress c/o || Pink Top || Black Jeans


This item is labeled as a mini dress and as you can tell by the photo, this dress would not work as a dress at all. I got my usual size and looking it as a blazer, it fits well. From a blazer standpoint, this piece is nice and lightweight which would make it a great transition piece to throw on in the early spring months. The model on the website wore this buttoned up as a mini dress which was what I was hoping for. If this had been labeled as just a blazer, I wouldn't be disappointed. 

ITEM: Pink Oversized Belted Shirt Mini Dress

This is another piece that was labeled as a dress but as you can see, it is way too short to be considered one on me (I'm sensing a theme). Again, if this was labeled as just a top, I wouldn't be disappointed, but the fact that it was marketed as a dress I'm a little bummed. I will also note that this material creases easily, so you'll have to make sure it's steamed or ironed before you wear it out. Other than that, I do like how it's styled here, and the material isn't see-through with a nude-bra.


First off, this is the first item I received that actually matches the description and looks like the photo. With that said, this is my least favorite item that I had received only because it doesn't suit my body type and I felt extremely self-conscious in it the whole time. That aside and looking at just the top, the top is pretty ok quality. Compared to the other three items, I'd say this one is the best quality, matches the product description, true to size, and matches the photo. It's unfortunate that it doesn't suit me. 


As far as sizing goes, I'd say the sizing is pretty true to size. I ordered everything in an S/M or UK 10 which is equivalent to a US 4/6. If you disregard the "dresses" and look them as tops, then I'd say everything I had received fits true to size. 

As for quality, I'd say you're getting what you paid for. The material for these pieces is similar to Forever 21, H&M, SheIn, or any fast-fashion place. I wouldn't expect these to hold up for more than a few washes.

My overall thoughts with Femme Luxe that it's pretty hit or miss. The model photos are pretty misleading and it can be hard to picture what the item will look like when you receive it. The company primarily carries a lot of clubby / going outwear which is something I don't tend to shop for since I graduated from college. I will say the prices are very affordable, but you definitely get what you paid for. Femme Luxe is probably not somewhere I would shop at regularly, but may consider if I'm in the need of going out clothes for a special occasion. 

Now to throw it back to you! Have you heard of Femme Luxe before? If so, let me know your thoughts down below! Also, let me know your thoughts on this retailer review series! I hope you all enjoyed the post and as always. thank you for reading!



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