Back again showcasing another Amazon Prime find, but this one is worth every penny! The quality is great and comes in several fun colors that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season, weddings, date night, or any special occasion to get dressed up for. Continue reading for my full review of the piece!

Blue Lace Dress || Heels || Similar Purse || Earrings c/o (similar linked) || Watch || Ring

Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing another Amazon Wedding Guest Dress find with you all! You all really enjoyed the last Amazon Wedding Guest Dress find I had shared a few weeks back and I'm excited to share another winner with you all. I had mentioned a few times in previous posts and on social media that I have quite a few weddings coming up so finding pieces to wear to them has been both exciting and challenging. Like most people, I tend to want to buy a new piece for every event I go to, but at the same time, ya girl is still ballin' on a budget. 

I had come across this dress when I decided last minute that I didn't want to go through the effort of getting the original dress that I had ordered for a wedding altered. The original dress I had ordered for a wedding I was going to was a beautiful green midi dress, and I wanted to find another midi dress to replace it but didn't want to go through the risk of having to get that one hemmed if it wasn't the right length. This dress was one of the first dresses that had popped up in my Amazon search for "Wedding Guest Dresses" and ordered it on a whim since I was running out of time to shop around, and I'm so glad I did! 

I will have to say when I was ordering this piece I was skeptical about the quality of the lace. Lace can either be done really well and feel high quality or done very poorly and look a little tacky. Surprisingly, I feel that the quality of this lace falls closer to the high-quality range, and for $38 price tag that isn't too bad. I will say though, if you are ordering this it does show up a little darker online than it does in person. 

Some quick notes about this piece:
  • It runs true to size - I ordered a medium
  • It comes in seven colors including a beautiful red color that would be fun for the holidays
  • It's not see-through - at least the blue color that I got
  • It's on Amazon Prime - perfect for those last-minute event shoppers 
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Do you have any upcoming weddings you're shopping for? If so, let me know down below! Also, let me know where your favorite places to shop for wedding guest dresses are! Clearly, I've been loving Amazon Prime lately for the convenience and the affordable price, but I'd love to hear where you're favorite places to shop are too! I hope you all enjoyed this post and as always, thank you for reading!


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