Breaking out all of the red, white and blue because America we're celebrating you! I know, I know,  I should be a poet. 

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your short work week, I know I did! I actually didn't know I had a short work week until Tuesday... Guess I'm still navigating this whole office life thing.

The funny thing about today's outfit post, I had already planned to share this look with you guys today (I've switched up my posting schedule to Monday and Thursday!), but didn't realize it so happened to be a patriotic look as well! Perfect, huh?

I picked up this skirt last month and have already worn it about four times already. It's so versatile! My clothing budget has been a little tighter lately due to the move to Charlotte and I've just been more mindful of what pieces I add to my closet since I'm slowly transitioning my clothes into more workwear appropriate pieces. I've been really trying to find pieces that I can wear to work (like I've styled in this Instagram post) or on casual weekends with friends like I've done so here.

4th of July has always been a fun holiday for me to grow up. I mean, it's right in the middle of summer, there's fireworks, sparklers, and you know ya girl loves a good theme to dress up for. Growing up we had this tradition in my family where we would go load up in the family car after work, order a pizza (usually stuffed crust!), sit in the trunk and watch fireworks. 

My parents owned a restaurant for most of my life so having time to step out of the restaurant as a whole family was always a nice treat. Plus, we also rarely ever ate food from anywhere else because my mom had always said "we have food at home" or "you have a whole restaurant, why do you want to eat out?" (I know my fellow Asian-Americans can relate to me on that one!) So the fact that we could order pizza was always really exciting for my brother and me. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe 4th and as always, thank you for reading!


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