It's hard to believe that it's been a little over a month since I started the Disney College Program. It's been such a whirlwind of emotions and events these past few weeks and even though I am sad that I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I would have liked, I have been seriously having the time of my life here in the sunshine state. 

Happy Friday friends!

I hope you all are doing well! I have been thinking about how I wanted to share my experiences during my time here in Disney with you all / document it for myself and I have decided to do a monthly recap series. I figured it'd be a good balance of sharing the highlights of the past month without being super overwhelming for those of you who don't care to see all of my Disney posts. So without further ado, let's take a look back at what happened this past month!

February was such a fun month! It was filled with crossing lots of things off my bucket list, bonding more with my roommates, getting out of training, and making magical moments for guests of all ages! 

The month started out strong with a visit to Hollywood Studios with some of my roomies/friends. This was my first time visiting Hollywood Studios since I came to Florida and first time visiting it since I was in 8th grade (when it was formerly MGM Studios). It was so cool to see how the park has changed and it is seriously one of the most photogenic places! 

One of the things on my DCP Bucket List was to watch all 4 of the night shows at each one of the parks and I was happy to mark Fantasmic off my list that night. The day was also filled with meeting Olaf (and of course getting lots of warm hugs), riding Tower of Terror and taking in all of what Hollywood Studios has to offer. 

How can I recap the past month without mentioning the Super Bowl?? If you all don't know, I was born in Philadelphia, and my family is from Philly so naturally majority of my family was super hype that the Eagles went to the bowl... and won! It was so cool to watch the Super Bowl with my roommates (accompanied by multiple cheese dishes of course), watch the celebration parade the next day and see Nick Foles! I guess working at Disney has its perks sometimes! 

If you are a Disney fan then you may or may not know about the infamous rose gold ears. These ears always sell out super fast and my roommate and I have been waiting for the restock of these ears since we got here. One Sunday morning I woke up to my roommate screaming that the ears are back in stock and next thing you know it we're running out the door on the way to Magic Kingdom to get the ears. #Extra I know, but was it worth it? Yes. Expect lots of photos of these beauties! 

Also, you all may or may not have noticed that I have adopted a new go-to pose since I came to Disney... It's now becoming a staple for me to have a photo at every major landmark at Disney in this pose! 

I really want to make the most out of my time here at Disney and have been trying to make it a goal of mine to go and adventure out as much as possible. I mean, how often do I get to visit the parks whenever I want? Another thing I have been able to check off my bucket list (twice) was to attempt to drink around the world at Epcot. 

If you are not familiar with "Drinking around the world," it's essentially like a bar crawl in Epcot. There are 11 countries represented in Epcot's world showcase and at each country, there are drinks that represented that country. It's super fun to try new drinks and treats from each of the countries and I plan on doing a post rounding up some of my favorites for you all soon!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to visit Animal Kingdom and it was seriously the BEST. DAY. EVER. I can't believe it's taken me so long to finally visit this park and it is seriously up there as one of my favorites now. For one, the park is BEAUTIFUL and there's just so much more to explore. 

OH. And did I mention that I got to ride Fight of Passage too?? 

If you are not familiar with Fight of Passage, it's a new ride that opened up in Pandora that's based on the Avatar movie. The ride is so popular that it the wait time is usually 3+ hours and somehow my roommates and I got lucky and managed to get on the ride in 40 minutes! It was seriously life-changing and one of the best rides I've ever ridden. 10/10 would recommend!

I promise I do more than just playing in the parks every day while I'm here! Like I had mentioned at the beginning of the post, I started training in my role this month and have been starting to get adjusted to my work schedule. The hours are long some weeks, but thankfully I have some really cool co-workers that make the time go by fast and make work fun! 

I have been so fortunate enough to have some amazing co-workers and everyone here has been so kind! I have also been able to make some magical moments for some of our younger guests which is just priceless in itself. Overall, this past month has been amazing and it's crazy to think it's passed by so quickly. Sometimes I have to take a step back and take everything in because I still can't believe I have been given such an amazing opportunity to live out my dreams of being at Disney. 

If you want to follow me on my Disney journey, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@thedaily.amy) where I post (almost) daily photos of my adventures and snaps on my Instastories! Thank you all again for following along with me on this journey and as always, thank you for reading!


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