New year, new me, new fitness goals, am I right? I mean you have your Pinterest board already set up with all of your pre and post workout meals, you have your workouts planned for each day of the week and you even signed up for a gym membership... but despite all of the planning you're still struggling to get your booty to the gym. 

I get that. I mean, who really wants to go out when it's below 30 out to get a workout in? Today I'm sharing 8 reasons why you should hit the gym for those days you may need a little extra motivation to get yourself to workout!

Happy Monday friends!

It's no surprise that with the start of a new year means that everyone is on the "I'm going to get fit this year" mindset. Hey, I'm not here to judge, I'm the same way every year. I mean, who doesn't want to start off the year on a healthy foot? 

I know working out every day is easier said than done, but today I'm sharing 8 reasons why you should get your booty to the gym! Hopefully, this will give you all that extra motivation and push you to need to embrace the cold weather and get your sweat sesh on! 

1. The health benefits
HA, betcha didn't know working out was good for ya, huh? But all jokes aside, working out is not only great for you physically, but mentally as well. I know whenever I'm stressed out or feeling super anxious, a visit to the gym always makes me feel better.

2. You only need 30 minutes
You know how we tend to talk ourselves out of working out because we're just all soo busy and don't have time to go to the gym? Didja know it is recommended you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity in a day and if you really think about it, it's not really that long if you do the bare minimum. If you're just not feeling an intense workout for the day, hop on the elliptical or stair master and jam to your favorite playlist or put on a YouTube video for 30 minutes to get some movement in ya. 

99% of the time when I don't feel like working out I always tell myself I can just go in and do the bare minimum of going on the elliptical for 30 minutes and at least I managed to get some cardio in. Most of the time I end up getting really into my music or somehow hit that runner's high and end up doing longer and harder workout. So the next time you're trying to talk yourself out of hitting the gym because you don't have the time or what have you, just remind yourself that it's only 30 minutes out of your day and in the grand scheme of things, we can all carve out that amount of time to better ourselves. 

3. You'll have more energy
Sounds kinda strange, huh? But when I use to do my 7am workouts before work I always ended up being more awake and starting off my day with more energy because of all the endorphins from my workout. It may suck getting your butt to the gym in the first place, but just focus on how great you'll feel afterward!

4. You paid for it.
I mean, why waste the money? I know that's my main motivation for going to the gym! I calculated how much money I'd lose per day if I didn't go to the gym that day and it may sound silly, but it does help push you to go when you realize that missing a whole week is the same as throwing away a whole cup of coffee! 

5. It's a good excuse to buy cute workout clothes
I mean, what's a cute workout outfit if no one sees it? Show off your fun printed leggings and tank all while getting your sweat on. I know when I have a cute workout outfit on I'm more likely to hit the gym! 


Can we pause and take a second with these leggings?? Confession. I HATE wearing leggings working out. I mean, ya girl loves cardio and I sweat a lot (TMI??) so having tight leggings hugging my sweaty legs is just not ideal for me. And let's not forget the fact that they fall down when I run... the worst.

And then, I found these beauties. 

My cousin's wife was actually the one who told me about how great Old Navy's activewear leggings were and I decided to give them a try. After trying about 10 pairs (no joke) I finally landed on this pair and never wanted to take them off. First off, they're high waisted and are tight enough to not slide off when you run, they have mesh paneling to avoid the dreaded leg sweat and lastly... THEY'RE SPARKLY. 

Not going to lie, probably would have gotten these anyways for the sole reason of the gold foil design, but the fact that they are comfortable, not see through and that I can stand to workout in them makes them 10x better. So, if you're looking for some workout leggings and are super picky like ya girl, I highly recommend checking these ones out!

6. You meet new people
Ok, ok, ok, I'm not saying to go there with the intention of finding your future hubby/wife, but you may find a workout partner or new friend! Take it from someone who is naturally introverted, forcing myself to go out to the gym may be the only social interaction I have for the day sometimes. Plus, it's always good to surround yourself with people every once and a while. Another plus is being around everyone who has a goal of bettering themselves will surely put you in the mood to kill your workout! 

7. You get to #treatyoself
Ok, not saying it's ok to get a milkshake after your workout, but having goals and rewards yourself from achieving those goals is always a great motivator to get your butt to the gym. I mean, you have a goal to buy yourself a new dress if you successfully worked out for 2 weeks straight how are you going to achieve it if you don't start going in the first place?  

8. It's fun!
Working out doesn't have to be dreadful. Do you hate running on the treadmill for long periods of time? Then don't do it try kickboxing for your cardio. Do you hate lifting weights? Try doing Pilates or PureBarre for your strength training exercises. Simple as that. There are SO many different types of workouts and classes you can choose from and I'm sure there's one out there that'll get you excited to workout. At the end of the day as long as you're moving and being active you're good to go! 

And those are my 8 reasons why you should hit the gym this year! I know we are all in our own different fitness journies and I hope this helped you all a bit with the first step of getting yourself to the gym. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and KILL your fitness goals this year! Let me know down below any fitness related posts you all would like to see this year and as always, thank you for reading!


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