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Happy Tuesday friends!

Being a recent college graduate balancing two jobs, a blog and a social life all while trying to live an active lifestyle can take a lot out of you. I feel like I'm constantly on the go and there's always something going on every day. I'm about a month into balancing 2 part-time jobs and getting back on track with my workout routine and I think I finally got it down pat on how to manage my busy schedule and wanted to share my tips with you all! 

Prep the night before
I like to think I am able to tackle my busy schedule because I set myself up for success the night before. I promise you when you have a jam-packed day ahead of you, you're going to thank yourself for prepping yourself the night before. A couple things I like to do the night before a jam-packed day is...

Plan out your outfit
I use to do this all the time in high school because "back then" waking up anytime before noon was the biggest struggle for me. The last thing you want to spend time doing in the morning is going to every outfit option possible when you could be doing other things (like slipping in an extra 10 minutes, making a bomb a** breakfast, playing with your dog...). 

Pack your bags
In addition to picking out your outfits the night before, pack your bags the night before as well! Going to the gym after work? Pack a bag so you don't have to spend time running home to change. Bringing lunch? Make it the night before so you don't forget. Work a second job? Pack that so you don't have to commute back and forth to your house. Little things like this add up when you want to make the most out of your day. 

Write your to-do list 
Anyone else feels 10x more productive when they have a to-do list written out? *insert 10 raising hand emojis* For some reason I always feel like I get so much done when I write my to-do list the night before, maybe it's because I already have a set game plan of what I need to get done for the day?? 

Time block your tasks
This has probably been one of the most helpful things I've started to do when I have a busy schedule. After I write down all the things I have to do for the day, I then sit down and dedicate what time I'll be doing what. I first start by blocking out the times I'm at work and scheduled workout classes. From there I fill in tasks that are doable in the appropriate time period and try to group certain tasks together that would make sense to make things more efficient. This way you already know a set time of when you have to do things and it allows you to make the most out of your day.

Having my Gold Peak® Tea Latte in the fridge ready to grab while I run out the door 
You all know coffee is a MUST for me. Sometimes I need 2 cups to have enough energy to make it through a double work shift, a workout and still have some energy to meet up with friends. I always like having Gold Peak Tea Lattes and Coffee Drinks on hand in the fridge for those mornings where I'm running around like crazy or just need a pick me up and not want to sit around waiting for my coffee to brew (hey, every second count!). 

Gold Peak Tea Lattes and Coffee Drinks come in four delicious flavors including Chai Tea Latte, Vanilla Chai Latte, Salted Caramel Coffee Drink, and Almond Toffee Coffee Drink. My favorite is the Almond Toffee Coffee Drink! The best part about these is that they take the hassle of going to your local coffee shop to get a cold brew or chai tea latte and they are just as delicious. Also, you'll be saving some extra cash by not hitting the coffee shops for a drink every morning (or afternoon, no judgment) and we all know I'm all about saving some extra cash. All of Gold Peak Tea Lattes and Coffee Drinks are made with real sugar and real tea along with 100% Arabica beans, real cream, and sugar. You can find these Gold Peak Tea Lattes and Coffee Drinks at your local Wal-Mart in the drink aisle! 

Finding ways to multitask throughout the day 
I got lucky in the fact that with one of my jobs I'm able to work on the computer during my downtime. During this time I usually reply to emails, read news articles (hey, I like to be informed), write blog posts, brainstorm content, plan out my week, catch up on my Chinese lessons... I know not everyone has the luxury to do this at their work, but maybe find little ways you can multitask throughout the day. 

Reduce your commutes
I pretty much live out of my car on most days, not going to lie. In the morning I basically pack up all of my bags and end up going from job one to job two to the gym to where ever the day takes me afterward. This may not apply for those of you who live close to where you work or what have you, but my commute to work is about 30 minutes on a good day and multiple round trips can quickly add up. I much rather go to find somewhere that has free wifi and set up my computer to get some blog work done for an extra hour than do the round trip it would take to go back home. 

And those are my tips! How do you manage a busy schedule? Let me know in the comments down below! Also, did any of you get to see the solar eclipse yesterday?! I was lucky enough to have it in my own backyard in my hometown and it was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen! So glad I was able to see it in totality. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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