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Charlotte nightlife

Happy Friday friends!

In continuation of my mini Charlotte Travel guide series, I’m sharing some of my favorite Charlotte night time spots with you all! Most of these places I have visited during various friend’s 21st birthdays and am always up for trying new bars. I hope you all enjoy my round up and let me know what your favorites are!


Kandy Bar
Kandy Bar is located in the Epicenter and known for their dessert drinks. I went here the very first time I’ve gone out to the Epicenter and it was so fun! The place is a lot more lux than your typical bar/club. I do have to advise that I do think this is more of a Saturday night spot if you do plan on going out there.

Whisky River
Whisky River is a personal favorite of mine! I’ve been there a few times and on my birthday and I’ve always had a fun time there! This is owned by Dale Earn Heart Jr. and always has good music. They even have a mechanical bull if that’s your thing!

If you’re into 80’s and 90’s music than Rocksburry is the place for you! Personally, I cannot get into music that I don’t know and I don’t know most of the songs played in Rocksburry so it’s not exactly my top choice to go out to. 

City Lights Rooftop
I’m sure you all have heard of me talk about City Lights multiple times here on the blog, but for good reasoning! City Lights Rooftop is home to the very Instagram worthy champagne pops and has the prettiest view of Uptown. I do have to warn that it is a little pricy ($14 for the champagne pop!), but I do think it is made up of the incredible scenery. 


The Blind Pig
I went to the Blind Pig for a friend’s 21st birthday last year. It’s super chill and relaxed if dancing is not your thing. The place is stocked with fun games such as Jenga and ski ball to keep you entertained. The bar also has a texting board where you can send in text messages to have it displayed on the wall… be careful with this one though! Overall a good chill place to go to if you’re not wanting to go out and dance.

The Dog Bar
If you love dogs then you have to visit the dog bar in NoDa! Owners bring their dogs, grab a drink, and mingle around with other dog lovers. You don’t have to bring a dog to come to the bar, you can just come and play with everyone else’s (at least that’s what I do!). This place is super relaxed and I’d recommend not wearing your most expensive heels or dress here because as you may have guessed, it could potentially get ruined from the dogs.

Plaza Midwood

Thomas St. Tavern
We went to Thomas St. Tavern for RJ’s 21st birthday and the time we were there it was so fun! The place has a nice big outdoor area and ping pong tables. This is a great little hangout spot if you don’t want to deal with going to Uptown for the night.

Peculiar Rabbit
If you saw on my latest Pink Talk’s post then you may have seen me mention that we also stopped here for RJ’s birthday. Peculiar Rabbit has 3 different floors that include a nice outdoor area with a city view and an arcade area. We actually didn’t get to stay here too long during RJ’s birthday, but the time we did spend there was enjoyable! 


Angry Ale’s
Ale’s is the go to college nightspot on Thursday nights. On Thursday there are $8 trash can specials and it’s always packed with college students. Ales has a nice outdoor patio and is dog friendly! I do have to warn you, other than Thursday nights Ales is pretty dead.

Flying Saucer
Monday nights at Saucer is the place to be! My friends and I like to meet up at Saucer on Mondays for $3.50 pint nights and it’s such a cool atmosphere to be in. This bar, like the name states, is filled with saucers of individuals who have tried all 200 beers. This is a great place to come, kick back with friends, and watch a sports game. 

Music Factory

Ok, lots of people have varying opinions on Label. Personally, I really enjoy going there, but I do have to admit that it does get VERY crowded. Label is located in the Music Factory and has 1 main dance floor and an upstairs that overlooks the area as well as an outdoor area. I use to go a lot during their college nights on Thursdays and they usually play pretty good dancing music. But, again it gets VERY crowded so if you don’t like crowds or people this may not be the place for you. 

I’ve gone to their international night on Saturday once before and it wasn’t as crowded if you want to check that out. I do have to warn that they do play lots of Spanish music on international night, but I personally don’t mind that.

And those are my nightlife suggestions! I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest nightlife person, but I do enjoy going out once and awhile. If you’re in the Charlotte area let me know where your favorite places to go are in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!


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