Spotted: A on the streets of Charlotte walking around in a chic bow tie tweed dress. Is that Mui Mui? Chloe? St. John? Word on the street is that it's not even a designer and she only paid $24 for it. That may work down south, but definitely not here in the streets of Manhattan. 

White tweed bow tie dress

Affordable workwear
Gossip Girl inspired dress
White tweed dress
White tweed bow tie dress
White tweed bow tie dress
Affordable workwear outfit
SheIn white tweed dress
Blue Kate Spade purse
White tweed bow tie dress

Dress c/o || Nude Pumps || Pearl Earrings || Similar Kate Spade Purse || Bracelets: Silver, Gold c/o || Sunglasses

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all enjoy my little Gossip Girl reference! If you didn't and haven't even watched Gossip Girl, stop what you are doing right now and log onto your Netflix!! I have watched this series multiple times and continues to be one of my favorite TV show series. 

When I first saw this dress it immediately gave me Blair Waldorf vibes. There's something so chic and classic about this dress that makes me feel like I need to sit down on the Met steps (or steps of Gregg hall at UNCC) and eat some yogurt. Throughout the entire Gossip Girl series, I always found myself relating to Blair the most (well, maybe not the fact that she is loaded with money, into scheming and is super sassy and all that...).

I remember one scene in particular that really made me relate to Blair. It was when she was talking to her mom about how she didn't fit in anywhere and Eleanor, her mom had said: "That's because you haven't found the right place yet."

 Blair goes off to college that was not her first choice and she feels like she doesn't fit in anywhere. That's exactly how I was when I first came to UNC Charlotte. If you read my Letter to UNC Charlotte post then you know I almost transferred out to NC State. This scene really hit home to me after my freshman year of college and I really sat back and thought, maybe Elenor was right, maybe I haven't found my place here yet. I was on the hunt for a group of friends to fit in with and felt so down that I hadn't yet my first year yet. 

Long story short it ended up working out for the best, but it's funny how even with characters from a TV show that seem to have such opposite lifestyles than you do you can still somehow to relate to them. 

Are any of you Gossip Girl fans? Let me know below and which character is your favorite! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!

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