Visiting Charlotte soon? Check out all of my suggestions on where to eat and what to get at each restaurant! 

Happy Friday friends!

A few months back I had sent out a reader survey asking what type of posts you all would like to see here on The Daily Amy. The majority of you expressed how you wanted to see more Charlotte posts and I'm finally starting to integrate more of those types of posts here on the blog! I'm starting a little mini Charlotte Travel Guide series here on the blog where I share things such as where to eat, what to do, nightlife, etc. We always see travel guides for places we travel to, but why not write a post about a place we're currently stationed at? I mean, who's better to give recommendations than someone who currently lives here, am I right?

Today I'm kicking off the series with my recommendations of where to eat in Charlotte. I've broken them all up based on location and gave my suggestion on what you should get. This is going to be a rather long post so grab a snack and let's jump right into it!

Tea Fusion Cafe - Univeristy
Tea Fusion Cafe: Peach Mason Jar Refresher


Tea Fusion Cafe - $
Tea Fusion is a new Asian cafe that recently opened here in the University area. I've actually only been here once, but it was so yummy I had to share it with you all! They offer a variety of Asian desserts such as boba tea and shaved ice along with sandwiches and chicken wings!

Suggest getting: Peach Mason Jar Refresher - so yummy and so Instagram worthy! 

*UPDATE 7/28/19 - This is probably one of my favorite spots to get boba tea in Charlotte! I've now tried several of their boba tea flavors such as matcha green tea, taro, strawberry, avocado, and coconut. My favorites have to be taro and matcha green tea! 


Benny Pennello's - $
A friend had told me about Benny's last fall and I had only wished he told me about it sooner! Benny's is known for their larger than life pizza at a super affordable price. I'm talking about $4 - $5 per slice! 

The store itself is very rugged and does fit well into the theme of Noda, but I say it's totally worth it for the amazing pizza. If you're wanting to take a pie home to share with friends, they have a 32-inch pizza which fun fact, doesn't fit into most cars or through most doors. 

Suggest getting: Classic cheese pizza! For $4 a slice you can't really go wrong with it.

Amelie's - $
Amelie's a must-visit place in Charlotte. You can choose to visit their Uptown or Noda location, but keep in mind their Noda location is 24 hours.  This French Bakery spot is known for its quirky decor and their delicious pastries. I use to come here to get some studying done in college and it's always fun trying to find the perfect table to make camp at. 

Suggest getting: tomato pesto tartine - This is an open face sandwich and is so simple, but so good!

Ink and Ivy
Vivace: Salmon BLT with no bacon and Poison Ivy cocktail


Vappiano's - $
Vappiano's has such a cool set up. This Italian restaurant is a serve-yourself style where you get a card, go to which station you want your food from (pasta, pizza, salad, flatbread), order your food, and swipe your card to load your meal onto it. It's such a cool and affordable option to bring friends and family too.

Suggest getting: Pasta Pesto - Oh Ehm Gee. So yummy! It's made with basil and pine nuts and it's everything I could ever ask for in a pasta. 

Ink & Ivy - $$
This is such a fun "hip and modern" space that has such yummy food! This place has such fun and unique decor along with an open patio that's great for spring and summer dining. 

Suggest getting: Salmon BLT and Poison Ivy cocktail! So yummy and the Poison Ivy drink tastes just like pink lemonade! 

Fahrenheit - $$$
I've talked about Fahrenheit multiple times on the blog. The biggest appeal of this restaurant is the amazing skyline view of Charlotte. The restaurant is located on the 21st floor of the Hyatt Hotel and has one of my favorite views of Charlotte. I do have to warn that this place does come with a hefty price for the amazing view. I celebrated my 21st birthday here and paid $14 for a glass of wine! 

If you are looking to see the view of Charlotte on a more affordable option, I suggest checking them out for brunch. They offer their brunch menu every Sunday until 2 pm and the prices are a lot easier on the wallet.

Suggest getting: lobster mac and cheese for dinner or captain crunch pancakes for brunch

VIvace - Charlotte, NC


Vivace - $$
Located next to the Sugar Creek Greenway, Vivace offers some delicious Italian food options. I've gone here both for my 22nd birthday and graduation dinner and was not disappointed either time. I think one of my favorite parts about this restaurant is patio seating. The patio is right next to the Greenway and usually on a nice day you'll see people walk by with their dogs and it's probably the best view if you're a dog lover! 

Suggest getting: Four cheese ravioli - if you love cheese and pasta this is a must-try! I also ordered the Mushroom Pizza to share during my birthday dinner and it was delicious if you're not a pasta fan! 


Maggiano's - $$
I know Maggiano's is a chain restaurant and I tried to stick to naming restaurants that are only in Charlotte, but I couldn't help but suggest this one. The first and only place I've tried Maggiano's was in Charlotte and I loved it. This is an Italian place (see a trend here?) located in SouthPark mall and has some of the best ravioli I've ever tried. 

Suggest getting: Mushroom Ravioli al Forno - Again, I love pasta! 

Viva Chicken
Viva Chicken: Inka Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries


Viva Chicken - $
This is a Peruvian restaurant that is located on Elizabeth Avenue and is known for its 100% natural and flavorful dishes. Contrary to their name, Viva Chicken offers plenty of vegetarian dishes and they are just as yummy as their meat dishes. The restaurant offers 3 house-made sauces: Aji Amarillo (mild), Huacatay (medium) and Rocoto (hot), which are all worth trying out if you're there. I love dipping my sweet potato fries in the mild sauce! 

Suggest getting: Tacu Bowl. It's packed with cilantro infused rice, beans, salsa, veggies and avocado. COULD YOU ASK FOR MORE??

UPDATE 7/28/19 - Viva Chicken has quickly become my go-to spot for lunch and dinners. It's fairly healthy and you can't really go wrong with rice and chicken. My go-to lately has been the Inka Wrap with fries! 


RuRu's Tacos and Tequila - $
If you need to know one thing about me then you need to know that I. LOVE. MEXICAN. FOOD. It can be for any time of day, any meal and I'll always be in the mood for it. I finally got to true RuRu's after hearing so much about it and it did not disappoint. RuRu's adds a nontraditional twist on Mexican cuisine and literally, everything on the menu sounds delicious. The one downside of this restaurant is that it does not offer complimentary chips and salsa like most Mexican restaurants. 

I also have to add for my fellow bloggers or any Instagram lovers that this place is very Instagram worthy. The front of the restaurant and the side of the building have plenty of cute backgrounds if you want to shoot a quick ootd pick for the 'gram bc that's important to look for in a restaurant, right?

Suggest getting: It's All Ball Bearings - it's basically a bowl filled with rice, grilled chicken, cheese, and veggies.. what more could you want?!

Fidelli Kitchen
Fiidelli's Kitchen: Big Fat Meatball Cone

South End

Fidelli Kitchen - $
If you're looking for somewhere affordable and delicious Fidelli's is a must stop in SouthEnd. I first heard about Fidelli's because of their pasta in a cone dish and it's honestly the best thing ever invented. I usually get the meatball cone without the meatballs (because I'm difficult) and it's SO filling. Not only is the dish super Instagram worthy, but that sucker will fill you up! The restaurants also offer traditional pasta dishes and salads for those who want something that's a little more normal. Also, the restaurant has a wine dispenser on the wall. Yup. Go check it out.

Suggest getting: Big Fat Meatball Cone - just try it. You'll thank me later.


Fresh Chef - $$
Ok, ok, I know this is technically in Charlotte, but I have to mention this restaurant! Fresh Chef offers a great selection of delicious American food entrees and literally, everything I've had from there is delicious. 

Suggest getting: anything lol. I really like their Grilled Smoked Salmon with Cilantro Rice or their Cajun Trout and Shrimp entree! 

And those are all of my restaurant suggestions! Let me know if you're in Charlotte or have visited here, what your favorite place to eat was! I'm always on the hunt to try new places. If you want to see my other Charlotte related posts you can check them out here:
I hope you all liked this post and are excited about this new mini-series!! Let me know down below if you have any post ideas you want to see in this series and I'll try to make them happen. I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!


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