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Welcome back to another week of Pink Talks! If you're new or haven't heard of the Pink Talks series on my blog, it's series where I update you all what's been going on in my life. From What I've been doing, buying or just random rambles, you'll find it all here! If you want to catch up on my last few Pink Talks you can do so 1, 2, 3, 4

What I've Been doing...

Traveling Home
On Sunday I made a trip back home! I'm here until Monday and I've been busy adulting, catching up with my parents and tomorrow I'm headed to a wedding! Little fact: every road trip home I have to get a venti iced coffee from Starbucks. This is actually the only time I get a venti. I get SO sleepy during car rides and I need all the caffeine I can get during my drive.

Bell Mountain
Tuesday I was able to (finally) visit Bell Mountain with my dad! Bell Mountain isthis mountain (duh) filled with piles of rocks and graffiti on them. Since this has been a pretty popular tourist spot over the years there is now a way you can drive all the way to the top of the mountain to get the incredible view instead of walking up to it. To be honest, it was low key not as rewarding since we didn't have to work for it and walk up for the view. 

Even though we did take the easy way out and drove up to the mountain, the views were still killer! Here are some shots I was able to get while I was up there. 
Here's one of the piles of rocks filled with graffiti! You can actually climb to the top of those rocks and see an awesome view from up there as well.

Here's a photo of my dad looking out over the view. I wish we were able to stay a little longer to see the sunset! 

Scream Queens
During my trip home I started (and finish...) the episode series of Scream Queens. I have to admit the series is pretty cheesy, but I am hooked! What I really love about the show is all the outfits. I mean, can I please have Chanel's wardrobe? I even created a clothing inspiration board for you all down below!
Do any of you watch Scream Queens? What do you think of the show and let me know who your favorite character is!

Recent Purchases...
With the Nordstrom Anniversary sale coming up (July 22nd of us non card holders!), I've been trying to save my money so I can purchase some goodies for this fall (I have been eyeing this anorak jacket and this necklace!) Incase you've been under a rock or don't really follow many fashion bloggers and haven't heard of the news, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the biggest sale of the year. Why? Because you can purchase NEW fall items for major discounts! If you want to know more about the sale my friend Annaliese from Southern Belle in Training wrote an awesome post all about the sale here!

Even though I have been trying to save up some money for the sale, I had a credit on JustFab and decided to order these booties for the fall. I love the color of them and have been wanting a pair of flat ankle booties for a while now! I can't wait for them to come in and start styling them!

On the Blog...
Since I have a lot of down time at home I have added some new things on to the blog! If you look on my nav bar you may notice there's a new "shop" tab. Here you'll be able to shop items directly from my Instagram! 

Also, to the right of my sidebar I added a "Current Wishlist." Here you'll be able to scroll and take a peak at what I have been having my eye on lately. If you decide you want to #treatyourself you can click on the item and purchase them for yourself!

That's it for this week's Pink Talks! Let me know what has been going on in your life lately in the comments down below! I hope you all have a great and safe weekend!

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