100 job applications, 20 phone interviews, 8 months of applying, 4 trips to Charlotte, 2 years post-grad, 1 career fair and countless rejection emails later... ya girl finally landed a full-time job! About damn time, right?

Hey, what's up, hello.

This is only awkward because I juuust announced returning from my blogging hiatus in my last post, but you know, unfortunately, sh*t happens. I'm not going to dive into why I took a break for the 100th time, because quite frankly the story is getting old. 

So instead let's chat about finding a job after college.

I think it's safe to assume that the goal for the majority of people who graduate college is to hopefully find some type of full-time job, ideally in their field of study. Some people get really lucky in the fact that they've already secured a position in a company before they even graduate or land a job right after they received their diploma while others (like myself) spend months after graduation filling out countless job applications and handing out your resume to anyone that will give you the time of day. 

I've always known that finding a job after graduation was going to difficult, but I didn't anticipate landing my first full time position almost 2 years after graduation. Granted, I did take a detour along the way by doing the Disney College Progam six months post-grad, but I never would have thought it would take me another 8 months to finally land a job.

I'm not going to lie, as great as it was to not pay rent and come home to home-cooked meals every night while I was living with my parents, I was getting more and more discouraged every time I got a rejection from a job, or even a worse, no response at all.

As cliche as it is, everything really does happen for a reason. As badly as I want to move back to the Charlotte area, I had to keep reminding myself that it may just not be the right time. Not going to lie, the 8 months of living back at home after Disney was tough. I was placed back in a slower pace of life, living in a small town, and most of my friends no longer lived in the area. But, now looking back on it, there was a reason why the universe kept me in my hometown for as long as it did.

For one, I was able to save a ton of money. Even though I've lived in apartments since my sophomore year of college, I was fortunate enough to have those expenses paid for through my college savings fund my parents had set up for me when I was little. As soon as I found my first "adult" apartment, all the expenses quickly racked up and I was fortunate enough to have a nice cushion to get me through all of the moving expenses.

That also leads to my next point. During my application process, I had already had the mindset that I was going to have to live alone if I ever got a job offer because it may be too short of a notice to find a roommate and a place. Around the time I had gotten my job offer, my cousin that had already lived out in the Charlotte area had reached out and told me that she was in need of a roommate and her lease was ending around the time I needed to move out there. The timing was pretty spot on.

Lastly, being home allowed me to strengthen my relationships with my family. It's been about six years since I started college and moved out of my parent's place. Although we tried to keep in touch with phone calls and visiting each other, it's not quite the same as being around each other all the time. Especially with everything that's been going on in my life this past year, family has been really important to me.

With all that being said, if you're in the middle of trying to land your first job, I FEEL you. I know it's discouraging, but just know that the right opportunity will come along. If any of you ever need tips/advice/want to rant, my inbox is always open. I'm by no means an expert, but I know how hard it is to try to navigate the working world on your own.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and I'm so excited to continue to share bits of my life with you all. Be on the lookout for more workwear inspired looks and as always, I'm open for suggestions! I hope you all have a great day and stay tuned for the next post!


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