I have a year's worth of explaining to do so go ahead and grab a snack.


I'm pretty sure I've sat down at least over a dozen times trying to figure out how to start this post and every time I just end up either drawing a blank or I just end up skipping around the subject. It's like in the back of my mind I feel like if I finally put this out to the world I have failed in my eyes.

So, here it is. I took a break from blogging, and here's why.

It's no surprise that I've been off my blogging lately. I mean, if you just do a quick scroll through my blog archives you can easily see that at the start of last year my content quickly became very inconsistent and to the point where I'd go weeks, even months without posting anything. I've addressed my lack of posting multiple times and every time I would sporadically post something thinking I would finally find my groove again only to fall out of it.

It sucks looking at something that I put so much time and energy into slowly becoming something I'm no longer proud of. This little corner of the internet went from something that made me so happy and a way for me to satisfy my creative itch to something that constantly stressed me out because in my eyes it had become something that I was ashamed to share with people, and I hated that.

I've come up with a million excuses of why I have let this little project of mine slipped (starting the Disney College Program, moving back home, not having anyone to help take photos for me, busy figuring my life out, etc.), but when it really boils down to it I've just become uninspired and started to fallen victim of the comparison game.


I've spent so many hours scrolling through my Instagram feed filled with photos of bloggers sporting this season's current trends, partnering with amazing brands and traveling to beautiful places all of the worlds. Even though I'm so happy to see fellow creators achieving such great things I suddenly feel like I no longer could "compete" in this industry of perfectly curated and edited photos.

I had gone from living in a city that I loved and a Pinterest inspired apartment with a variety of "Instagram worthy" backgrounds to my pink and blue childhood bedroom in a very small mountain town. I suddenly no longer had a picture perfect decorated background for OOTD shots, money to constantly blow on clothes to share for outfit shoots or an easily accessible "Instagram-boyfriend" to help me. In my head, I don't have what it takes to be a "blogger" which seems so silly of me to even admit out loud now.

After falling into the dark hole of "her feed is so much more put together than mine," "she has so many more followers than I do," "Her content is so much better than mine," etc. I decided to step back from blogging.


I wish I had a cool "ah ha" moment to share about how I suddenly got a burst of inspiration to blog again or that I had a life-altering realization that my life isn't the same without blogging or something dramatic to share, but sadly I don't. The desire to want to get into blogging again actually came from me going through all of my clothes and packing up to move to Charlotte (...to be explained in a separate post for the sake of not making this a novel!) and I just realized that I missed it.

I missed sharing my sale finds and putting together my take on the latest trends. I missed the community and connections blogging has brought me. I missed getting excited about a new post or sharing bits of my life with you all. I missed all of it.

...so you're probably thinking "Ok, cool. Now what?"


I know I started my blog as a fashion and style blog, but four(ish) years have passed since then and even though I still very much so love fashion I do want to incorporate more lifestyle content. As much as I love sharing my favorite outfits with you all, I want my blog to be more than just a place where people go "oh, that's a cute dress."

Part of the thing that got me out of the comparison rut was realizing that I, like everyone else in this world, have my own unique story and message to share. I realized that I don't want to be the girl who puts together shopping guides for the Nordstrom sale or share what I have my eye on from ShopBop (but, if that's you, you do you girl!) because the reality is, I don't even shop there regularly myself. I want to stop holding back from posting something because it's not 100% perfect because the reality is that my life isn't 100% perfect. I want my blog and my social media posts to be a reflection of me, not something I spend hours days painting it to be.


I guess to in summary of this insanely long post: hi, what's up, hello, I'm "back" from my blogging hiatus. I want to share more posts that aren't just pictures of my outfit. Please don't expect me to share photos of my Gucci bag soon because it doesn't exist.

But on the real note. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around and for those of you who even made it to the end of this post. I'm so happy that you have taken the time out of your day to stop by my little corner of the internet and I hope you stick around to see future posts here on The Daily Amy! Thank you all again and be sure to check back soon for a new post!


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