Behind every cute Instagram photo, there's an Instagram boyfriend. Ever want to know what exactly goes on behind the scenes of a blog post? Or even what it's like to date a blogger? Today we're giving you just that! RJ (aka the Instagram boyfriend) makes a guest appearance on PNP to share the good, the bad and the dirty of being an Instagram boyfriend! 

Happy Monday friends!

Today's post is a bit of a different one. In honor of RJ and I's (dating) anniversary (!!!) this Wednesday, we thought it'd be fun to have him do a guest post on the blog! If you all don't know, RJ is the main photographer for PNP and my go-to for consulting all of my outfit choices/blog post ideas. With that, we thought it'd be fun for him to give you the low down on what it's really like to date a blogger. I gave him full range on spilling the beans, so fingers crossed that it's mostly good things! So without further ado, let's let RJ take it from here!

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Being an "Instagram boyfriend" is a thing
Attention boyfriends. If you are dating a blogger and you go to an event of any sort, you are no longer the boyfriend. You are now the Instagram boyfriend. Get ready. You will have to push strangers out of photos, search for photogenic walls, possibly eat free food (okay that one isn’t that bad), and probably snap a selfie or two. If you think you took a good picture, you probably didn’t, so just go ahead and take about 50. It sounds bad, but remember at least you get to look at a pretty girl the whole time!

Be prepared to not eat your food until at least 5 minutes after it's brought out
You know when the server comes out with your food? That relief when they set your plate on the table? Yeah? Well now wait about 45 seconds because she HAS to get the perfect picture of your tater tots. Honestly, though I have to give Amy credit. A lot of people take pictures of food, but she will rearrange the entire plate, organize your veggies by color, and make your meal look better than the restaurant does all for her Instagram!

You'll get used to her talking about people you know she's never met before
I remember specifically meeting one of Amy’s blogger friends and saying “Oh I’ve seen you...on the internet…” Probably not the best opener, but you will likely meet quite a few blogger friends, so don’t say what I said. Blogger friends are people too, so no need to treat them like aliens. If they’re cool enough you might all end up getting drinks together or something down the road. So don’t tell them you’ve seen them on the internet…. At least the way I said it…

Subconsciously noticing how photogenic a wall looks (Always finding photo locations)
“RJ! THAT WALL IS SO MY AESTHETIC!” This doesn’t just apply to walls. This goes for chairs, tables, flowers, pencils, desserts, and even kittens. YES, KITTENS. Amy wanted my white cat so she could stage a photo with it…After dating for 5 years you begin to just roll with it. I constantly find myself saying “Wow, this is so Amy’s aesthetic.” And then I ask “why did I just say that?”

Becoming my own fashion critique.... and others
I used to be okay with just throwing on a t-shirt, whatever pants aren’t dirty and running out the door. After dating Amy, I think it’s safe to say my fashion sense is...better. Don’t get me wrong, I still like dressing like a hobo sometimes, but you can’t look like a hobo if your girlfriend looks like Ms. Universe!

Occasionally consider having an "Instagram theme"
You would think as a “typical,” guy I would have no interest in Instagram, but as a photographer, I enjoy it quite a bit. Amy however, takes it to a whole new level. Several times I have had to personally comfort her while she stresses her Instagram theme. One side is uneven, these photos are too dark, there's not enough flat lays….etc. Sometimes I giggle at her stressing over these things but when I look at her feed I understand why. I can’t say that I want to go with the whole “light, bright, and girly,” theme, but if I were a girl I would hire Amy. I don’t know anybody else who plans their Instagram posts weeks in advance, so the colors are balanced!

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And there you have it! What it's really like to be dating a blogger! I'm just glad to hear that I'm not as big of a handful as I thought I was, haha! I hope you all enjoyed this different type of post and let me know down below if I should feature RJ more on the blog! I hope you all have a great Monday and as always, thank you for reading!


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