Headed to someone's place this holiday season for dinner? Or how about you're shopping for someone who loves having guests over? Today I'm sharing some of the cutest home wear would be perfect for the hostess with the mostess along with some easy DIY ideas that will make each present a little bit more special.

Happy Friday friends!

Welcome to my first gift guide of the year! It's crazy to think that the year is already winding down and that the holiday season is among us. I have debated waiting until after Thanksgiving to share my gift guides with you all, but after asking you all on Instagram, most of you had said you wanted to start seeing my holiday posts ASAP so you asked and I will deliver!

I also figured this gift guide was still appropriate with Thanksgiving being next week because I'm sure there are those of you traveling/going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving and you can get some ideas on what to gift them for inviting you over! Perfect, right?

 This year's gift guide is set up a little differently than how I did them in the past. Instead of sharing a collage of products with you all, I wanted to also give you ideas on how you can add a little TLC with them and make the gift a little bit more special. Let me know down below if you like this type of gift guide better! So let's get started now, shall we?

Sugarfina + Champs

This is actually what I recommend a lot at the boutique that I work at! If you are not familiar with Sugarfina, they offer a variety of flavors of gummies and candies that come in fun-spirited flavors such as "Champagne Bears" and "But First, Rose." And with the holidays being here they come in fun holiday packaging and gift boxes that you can choose from. I always recommend getting a box (or two) and pairing them with a bottle of champagne. So fun and festive! 

Beer Advent Calendar

I recently found this on Pinterest and LOVED the idea. Basically, you get 25 bottles of beer, wrap them up and label them 1 through 25. Each day the person will open the bottle from December 1st till Christmas and enjoy a new beer each day. It's the gift that keeps on giving! This would be a great one to those of you visiting for Thanksgiving so they can use it when December rolls around!

Festive Cookie Jar (with cookies of course)

Who doesn't love cookies around holiday time? Break out your favorite recipe and cook your host a bunch of cookies and throw them in a fun little cookie jar! You can even go a step further and throw in the recipe into the jar as well so they can have it for future references! 

Oven Mitt Gift Basket

This is a fun twist on a gift basket. All you need is to snag yourself a cute oven mitt, some kitchen supplies such as a whisk, spatula, dish towels, etc. and stuff it into the mitt and tie it off with a bow. Such a cute way to gift some kitchen items instead of throwing them in a gift bag!


There are so many cute decanters out nowadays that I want them all! To add to the decanter you can always pair it with their favorite wine or liquor or even take a step further and write your favorite sangria recipe! 

And that's it! What didja think of the post? Let me know your thoughts down below! Also let me know some of your favorite hostess gifts you've gifted in the past as well! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading! 


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