Give me the formuoli! - Someone, PLEASE tell me they got that reference, if not then we can't be friends... or you at least need to watch more Spongebob.

Ok, ok, Jokes aside, have you ever wanted a clothing item so bad and went out to look for it to only find out they were sold out of your size? Same. Today I'm sharing my little adventure of how this darling ravioli pocket skirt and I came together! 

Pinstripe Button Down (similar here and here) || Orange Skirt (thrifted, similar here) || Similar Grey Flats || Tassel Tote || Watch || Earrings

Happy Friday friends! 

I have expressed multiple times on the blog that thrifted has become my JAM since post-grad. I mean, it saves you money and you find the coolest things if you dig enough. I have shared many of the favorite finds over on the blog before and even though my BRAND NEW Lilly Pultizer pants will always be my favorite find, this skirt may be there with my second favorite.

This skirt was originally from the Victoria Beckham for Target line and I remember seeing the black one on MissLouie's haul video and I knew I just had to have it in my wardrobe. So I hopped in my car, drove to the nearest Target and began searching for this darling scalloped pocket skirt. I looked and looked and finally found two of them left, one in an x-small and one in a medium. I took my chance and trying both on, but as expected one was just too tight and another was having trouble staying up on me. Heartbreaking, right?

A week or two had passed and I had forgotten about the whole skirt ordeal. I mean, I didn't really need it, right? So RJ and I had made a trip to Asheville for a day trip and stopped in this MASSIVE Goodwill. We stopped in, looked around and low behold, an orange scalloped pocket skirt in a size small popped out at me. Even though I wanted the black color for more versatile reasons, I tried the orange one and fell in love. The color is beautiful and I don't really own a whole lot (barely any..) orange pieces so I picked the skirt up and the rest was history. I should also add that I picked it up for less than $3! Def worth the wait, am I right? 

I have already worn this skirt many times to work and have gotten so many compliments from it. It's such a fun piece to style and I love how the pocket makes such a fun statement! I have nicknamed this skirt as my ravioli skirt because common, doesn't that pocket just remind you of a delicious cheese filled ravioli pasta? No? Just me? #carbs

Do you have any fun thriting stories? If so, let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading! 


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