When I first graduated college I always got asked “so, what are you going to do with all of your free time?” I kinda laugh at it thinking about it now because it seems that now I’m graduated, I am way busier than I was in college. Today I’m sharing some of my tips on how you can manage two part-time jobs.

Happy Monday friends!

I had mentioned in my blog post on How to Manage a Busy Schedule that I am currently balancing 2 part-time jobs, running the blog, (trying to) work out 5+ times a week and trying to have a social life while I search for a full-time job. Right now I’m working in Guest Services and I’m also a stylist at bevello. I average about 17 - 28 hours at GS depending on the week and 20 - 25 hours at bevello. So on average my work week can be about 45 - 55 hours depending on what’s going on. Needless to say, I need a way to stay on top of everything.

First things first when it comes to working 2 jobs is realizing that you’re most likely not going to have “normal days off” like most people. When the clock strikes 5pm everyone is getting off of work and you’re most likely going to have to go in your second shift. That goes the same with weekends. On average I typically have one day off a week, but there are some weeks that I don’t have a day off.  It can be tough, but you just have to focus on the end goal and all the $$ you’ll be making!

Location, Location, Location

When you’re considering picking up a second job, be sure to keep in mind the commute. When I do work a double I only have an hour to change, eat lunch and drive over to my next job. Thankfully my jobs are only 5 minutes away from each other and I don’t have to worry about traffic. Strategically pick the jobs you’re going to work that are an easy commute to save you time and stress!

When working two jobs, try and find set times/days to work which job and when. I’m so grateful that at both jobs my managers/supervisors are willing to work with me on my schedule and I have it where I can allocate certain days to GS or bevello and have it be a pretty consistent schedule every week.

Get organized
I have recently shared that I started using the Day Designer and it has honestly been a lifesaver when it comes to organizing what I have to do each day. If you haven't done so yet, get yourself a planner whether it be a more traditional one or a digital one. It'll keep you on top of things of where to be and when. It may also be helpful to have a copy of your schedule posted on your fridge or door just in case for those days you forget you have a late afternoon shift and forgot to write it down.

Fuel Yourself
With a busy schedule means you need a lot of energy to keep you going throughout the day. As much as I love my caffeine fix, I can’t always rely on it to get me through the day. It’s a no-brainer that eating healthy and taking care of yourself gives you more energy so I try to eat as healthy as I can so I have enough energy to take on the day. Smoothies, fruits such as bananas and apples, and healthy granola bars are my go to since they’re portable and healthy.

Make time for yourself
This is so important. You can easily get burnt out with a busy schedule and it’s so important to find time for yourself. For me, the gym is where I’ve been going to relieve stress and just focus on me. It’s cheesy, but it works! I am currently living with my cousins until I find out what I’m doing with my life (#truth) so as much as I love catching up with them, sometimes you just need some alone time and the gym is just that for me.

You don’t have to be a gym rat to have alone time. You can go visit your local library and unwind for an hour with a good book or if you have a place of your own just spend some time yourself to recharge.

And those are my tips on balancing 2 jobs! Do you / have you worked two jobs before? If so let me know our tips down below! I hope you all found this helpful and as always, thank you for reading!


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