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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for awhile now, then you may remember many moons ago I use to do Instagram Roundups quite frequently on the blog. It’s been a hot second since I did my last one, but I have been getting some requests lately to bring them back. Instead of just simply sharing a roundup of my Instagram photos and the products with you all, I thought I may share something else with you all. 

I’m sure many of you already know (and are victims of it as well), that Instagram is not always what it seems. Online it may look like you’re relaxing on the beach with a book in hand when in reality you’re just sitting in front of your garage door and managed to perfectly frame the photo (true story). Today I’m breaking down the walls of what you see online vs IRL and sharing what really happens behind the ‘gram. So, let’s get started now, shall we?

White Bow Tweed Dress ℅ || Sunglasses (dupes sold out, designer linked) || Nude Pumps || Similar Kate Spade Bag - Full blog post here

Online: Aspiring Blair Waldorf walking through the streets of Manhattan looking for her Chuck Bass… or nearest Chanel Store. 

IRL: Sweaty broke post college grad walking around hoping that Elenor Waldorf would give her a job. Haha, but really. This was actually taken on my college campus early Saturday morning before 2 cups of coffee. 

Embroidered T-Shirt Dress ℅ || Brown Clutch ℅ || Alex and Ani Unicorn, Initial, Pineapple - Blog post featuring this look here

Online: Cute, casual outfit shot. 

IRL: Cropping my head out of the photo because I look like I was about to sneeze. Also, we took this right as a movie was ending at Phillips Place and you bet ya we got lots of stares. #doitforthegram

Online: Delicious sugar cookie

IRL: Delicious sugar cookie. Hey, sometimes things really are as they seem!

Online: Sunflower paradise. Whimsical, carefree, happiness.

IRL: Standing on the side of the road as cars whiz by and stare. Getting eaten alive by bugs, but all worth it because SUNFLOWERS.

Online: *Casually moves hair out of face and gracefully looks away from camera*

IRL: *V hangry and ready to find food*

Online: Delicious, trendy, ice cream dessert

IRL: Sugar overload... But still delicious. Also had to fight a crowd just to get a clear shot of the wall. Also, my yummy bun was half melted by the time we were done with our photo shoot… but again, #doitforthegram

Pink Collared Dress ℅ || Similar Black and White Purse || Watch || Similar White Oxfords - Full blog post here

Online: Casually strikes an OOTD pose

IRL: Sweating to death in 99+ degree weather and secretly hoping my dress isn’t see through

Lilly Pulitzer Dress (old print)

Online: Promoting my latest post on my Lilly Pulitzer size guide in preparation for the After Party Sale

IRL: Wanted an excuse to post another graduation photo #noshame. But if you’re curious on seeing the rest of my graduation photos you can do so here!

Black Dress ℅ - Post featuring this look here.

Online: *Quick snap of my outfit and earring details*

IRL: *This photo was taken 2 months ago*

Macbook Marble Sticker ℅ || Glasses c/o

Online: Blog work date with Katie (Chic in Carolina) at Amelies

IRL: *Places Macbook, glasses, wallet and arranges food* Also, the table was originally yellow and black, #instagrammagic

Top ℅ Uptown Cheapskate || Floral Skirt ℅ Uptown Cheapskate || Nude Pumps - Post featuring this look here.

Online: Quick OOTD outfit shot and clean room

IRL: In the middle of packing my life up in boxes and left only what the mirror showed looking presentable. Beyond what the mirror shows were a mountain of boxes… #truth

Online: Sharing one of my favorite outfits of the summer

IRL: No joke, there was a group of college kids staring at me the entire time... #awk

Black Overall Dress (thrifted) || Navy and White Stripped Tee || Black Felt Hat - Post featuring this look here.

Online: Happy sunflower field! 

IRL: We lierally pulled off on the side of the road for these flowers... #worthit

Online: Rewarding beautiful view after a hike

IRL: Got lost 3 times and MAJORLY struggled climbing up the last .5 mile of the hike. But the view was still just as pretty

Online: Mimosas and city views

IRL: Tried a bloody mary for the first time and almost died. I think I’m more of a mimosa girl.

Online: Quick OOTD shot on campus

IRL: Let's be honest, this was one of the 100 photos I had to shift through to find to post

Lilly Pulitzer Skort || Brown Woven Clutch c/o || Tassel Earrings c/o - See full blog post featuring this outfit here

Online: OOTD for dinner with Katie of Chic in Carolina

IRL: *Changes immediately out of heels and into flats after this photo because #comfort*

Online: Sharing a sneak peek of an outfit that will soon be on the blog

IRL: Gets kicked out of this location in Uptown for shooing photo 

Online: Sharing this cute outfit that'd be perfect for fall transition

IRL: Sweating my a** off while sharing this cute fall transition outfit

Stripped Shirt || Navy Skort || Similar Purse || Earrings - Full post featuring this outfit here

Online: "Hey look at my cute blue outfit!"

IRL: *5 minutes prior I was running away screaming because I found a shed snake skin*

Online: Pretty Lilly pieces in a pretty Lilly dressing room

IRL: *Debates posting the photo because it doesn't go exactly with my theme*

Online: (Im)paitnetly waiting for the After Party Sale

IRL: *15 minutes late to work shopping the After Party Sale*

Online: Sharing the cutest romper from the After Party Sale

IRL: *Regrets not purchasing the cutest romper from the After Party Sale*

And that was this past month’s roundup! Let me know down below if you like these types of posts want fewer photos, more photo, etc. I’m all ears! I hope you all liked seeing a little bit more of a different side of Instagram and how things really look behind the lens. Remember, things aren’t always what they seem!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend and as always, thank you for reading!



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