If you’re like me then your Instagram feed has been full of happy sunflower photos lately. I’m not exactly sure why sunflowers have been so popular this year, but fields seem to pop up everywhere! I’m not hating at all, these flowers are so bright and they can make anyone feel instantly happier.

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Happy Wednesday friends!

I first spotted a sunflower field on Instagram in Raleigh and had begged RJ to make a road trip out to see them. Unfortunately, with our current schedules we couldn’t make a trip out and we heard that they’re actually starting to die… Fortunately, though, we found a field one night and knew we HAD to stop by for some photos. And so, here we are! We kinda thought this sunflower field was our little secret spot, but shortly after we did our shoot there we started seeing more and more people making stops to take photos there every time we drove by it.

As pretty as these sunflowers are and as pretty as they are in all the photos I’ve been seeing on Instagram, you do have to sacrifice your legs to the hundreds of bugs near by. I’m pretty sure my legs have at least 20 bites just from this shoot alone. I also wasn’t brave enough to get in the middle of the field for photos because of all the bees. Despite all of the bugs, the field was just gorgeous and we had so much fun just admiring the beautiful flowers.

I hope you all enjoy all the beautiful photos we got during our shoot here. Also, let me know if you stumbled upon any sunflower field as of late! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!
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