Today I'm breaking out my inner Macklemore and sharing all of my thrifting tips with you all! If you keep up with me on my Instagram stories then you may know that I have been really into thrifting over the past few months. I always share what I manage to find with you all on via Instagram stories so be sure to follow along to see what I score! 

Thrift store shopping tips
Coral and navy outfit inspiration
Thrift store shopping tips
Thrifting tips
Styling navy and coral
top thrift store shopping tips
Thrifting tips
Thrift store shopping tips
Thrift store shopping tips
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Happy Wednesday friends!

I think my favorite part about thrifting is that it's kind of like a treasure hunt, you never know what you're going to find! I managed to find the skirt featured in today's post on the clearance rack of a secondhand shop for $5! It was originally from The Loft and it was in great condition. This skirt has been a great addition to my closet because I can easily pair it with a classic white button-down for a cute work look or dress it down with a simple tank and flats. 

Before I jump right into my thrifting tips I want to point out that the most important thing about going thrifting is to not have your hopes too high and keep and an open mind. Obviously, it's not like going into Nordstrom where you can find the exact dress you saw online in a variety of sizes. I know that's a pretty obvious statement, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Ok, now on to the tips!

#1. Keep an open mind

Again, when going thrifting try to keep your expectations low and your mind open. Obviously, every thrift store is going to be different and some are going to be hit or misses. You can’t go into a store and expect to walk out with a brand new Lilly shift. That’s just not realistic. Just go in and see what you can find, if you can't find anything that day that's fine! The beauty of thrift stores is that they are always getting new and exciting pieces in every day!

#2. Get Creative!

I think this applies to if you're thrifting furniture or home goods. A lot of times you can find furniture pieces for super cheap at thrift stores and even though they may not be brand new, you can always give them a little TLC to turn them into a one of a kind piece! There are tons of posts on Pinterest sharing how to paint desks or reupholster chairs if you need some inspiration on what to do with some thrifted furniture. 

#3. Set aside a good amount of time

Thrifting is a time-consuming process. Since everything is pretty much thrown together on one clothing rack you really have to just flip through each individual clothing piece to find something. Maybe take a friend to go shift through the racks with you or plan out a Saturday to go in and see what treasures you can find!

#4 Check out all the sections

Like I said, thrifting is a time-consuming process. Check out all the sections of the store including racks that may not be your exact size, the men's clothing section, etc. You'll be surprised by what you come across. I have found pieces that were marked 2 sizes too small for me, but whether it be the company changed their sizing charts or it was miss labeled or whatever they manage to fit me. Try not to narrow yourself with just the women's section and your size.

#5 Visit multiple thrift stores

Some thrift stores are better for finding certain pieces in my opinion. Goodwill is my go-to for cheap furniture or home decor while ThredUp and Uptown Cheapskate is my go-to for clothing pieces. Venture around your area and try visiting a variety of thrift stores to see what they have to offer! 

#6 Check out "higher end" areas

I wasn't sure if I should include this or not, but... here it is. Try checking out higher-end areas for possibly more expensive / brand named clothing items. Many secondhand shops such as Uptown Cheapskate take buy clothes from residents that live in the area so many stores like that reflect the type of fashion/clothes/types of people that live in the area.

#7. Dress comfortably

I'm a big advocate of being comfy while you shop. I always like to wear dresses so I can easily slip them on or off or workout clothes when I shop. Also, wearing clothes such as shorts + simple tank or leggings and a tee can be super helpful when thrifting so you can easily slip on shirts and jackets on and off without having to wait for a dressing room (or if there's even a dressing room at all!).

#8 Wash your items after you purchase them

Let's be honest, shopping second hand might not always be the cleanest of options so verge on the side of safety and throw your new treasures in the wash to get them nice and clean before you sport them! 

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So those are my thrifting tips! Do you have any tips for when you go thrift store shopping? If so, let me know in the comments down below! I hope you all have a wonderful week and as always, thank you for reading!

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