GUYS. Would you believe me if I told you I got these Lilly Pulitzer pants BRAND NEW for $30?? I probably wouldn't. Hang tight and I'll share how I did later on in the post! 

Happy Friday friends!

In honor of today being the last day of my internship I wanted to share my favorite outfit I wore with you all! The office I work at has a business casual dress code and it's been so fun putting together outfits for it. Even though the office prefers black and white color for their dress code, I can get away with adding some (or a lot) of color sometimes. 

Ok, now to the pants. You're probably wondering how I ended up scoring these babies for $30 and I actually thrifted them BRAND NEW for $30!! I hit up my local Uptown Cheapskate for the first time a month (ish) ago and managed to score them. I was so surprised to find them brand new and in my size (ok, tbh they're about a size too big but I couldn't resist and thankfully they shrank a bit in the wash). These have to be my favorite score ever and I can now see why everyone are obsessed with this style of pants from Lilly. Another fun fact is I actually thrifed these Kendra Scott earrings for $15 as well! If you want a post on my tips for thrift store shopping let me know!

I love how these pants add such a fun flair to your traditional workwear and I got so many compliments when I wore them out. If you are ever interested in the Lilly Pulitzer Kelly pants, I highly recommend going to the store and trying them on. They're super comfy and I love the cut of them. 

It's crazy to think that my internship is already over. The past 4 months went by so fast and it felt like yesterday I was so nervous to visit the office (check out my first day on the job outfit here!)! I learned so much during my internship and can't believe I'm 1 week out from graduation!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and also let me know if you'd be interested in a post on my thrifting tips down below! Have a great weekend and as always, thank you for reading!

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