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Happy Friday friends!

I know I typically do my Pink Talks post on Saturdays, but I think I may switch it up and post these on Fridays instead. Let me know what you think! These past two weeks have been jammed pack with personal events and school wrapping up, so let's get right into it now, shall we?

What I've been doing...

School, school, school

We just had midterms this past week so the library and I have been very close the last few weeks. The past week as been filled with 3 exams, a project, quiz on top with every day responsibilities. The good news now is that I have a pretty mellow school work schedule this week so I can recover before it gets hecktic again. I also want to add that this has to be the most time I've ever spent at the library out of all my four years in University... which considering I never went to the library before I'm not sure if it's sad or impressive.

Hilliary Clinton Visit
As a study break I tagged along with a friend to go see Hilliary Clinton on my campus! I don't really get political on my blog (or ever), and I don't plan to, but I still think it is so cool to see a presidential candidate in person despite who you're voting this election. If you saw my snaps on snapchat (@amy.pnp), you probably saw all the live snaps of it!


Halloween was last weekend! I didn't really do a whole lot because... #midterms. Friday night RJ and I dressed up and attempted to go out with some friends (that's a different story..) and we went as ketchup and french fries! Even though the night was kind of a let down, it was still fun getting dressed up and taking pictures before we headed out. 

You can check out the blog post I did on our costumes HERE.

For a last minute gift I wiped a Tinder costume for one of my friends. Even though it was super last minute and slightly ghetto, I think it turned out pretty good for putting it together 30 minutes before we were suppose to leave! If you follow me on snapchat then you may have seen some snaps of the costume.

I always love making DIY costumes and finding ways to add my own twist to costumes. I am planning to do way more costume posts next year for October and possibly a series for next Halloween. Be sure to be on the look out for that next year and don't forget to send me suggestions!

I also went out for a little the next night with my roommates. I wasn't really planning to go out so I rummaged through my closet last minute and came up with a last minute baseball player costume. 

Plot twist: I'm not really a Yankees fan.

On actual Halloween RJ and I actually dressed up just to hit up all the Halloween specials such as Chipotle ($3 burrito) and Insomnia Cookies (FREE COOKIE). Anything for free / discounted food, right? We dressed up as Cam Newton and Jimi Hendrix (you can try to guess who went as who) for our Chipotle run and wore our strawberry and chocolate bar costume for our free cookie. I never really knew how many possible costumes we had until this past weekend! Haha!

World Series
The world series was this past week and even though I haven't been keeping up with baseball (actually, never really did in the first place. I just knew the jist of it from my dad and my brother!), it was still fun to watch the world series with some friends. I made sure to remind everyone that the Phillies did win the World Series back in 2008 the whole night.. haha!

Currently loving...

That's it! I hope you all enjoyed today's Pink Talks post. Let me know down below what you're planning to do this weekend, I'd love to know! I hope all of you have a fun and safe weekend!

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