Dress: Forever 21 // Wedges: Target // Watch: Michael Kors //
Pear Bracelet: Forever 21 // Gold Bangle: Dailylook // Silver Bangle: Forever 21

I love wearing shift dresses, especially for dinners. Why? Because I can eat as much as I want and it won’t show my food baby. Win! Since we missed the first two days of the cruise, we only got to go to one formal night on the ship. For dinner I wore a navy and white shift dress, some brown wedges and stacked on some arm candy. I thought my outfit was very nautical looking, fitting right?

I find that people dress in a wide variety on formal nights on cruise ships. They range from wearing a simple Sunday dress and flats to all out prom dresses with heels. What I often hear for advice to dress on formal night is to wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing. Personally I love dressing up and what I chose to wear I think is a little causal. The reason why I didn’t bring a more formal dress to wear is because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and it would be more of a hassle to iron it (lazy status).

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